Wednesday 25 April 2012

It's That Time Again - Time For Project 10 Pan

After weeks and weeks of hinting and yes putting it off today is the day I'm  finally starting Project 10 Pan Round 2. I successfully completed Project 10 Pan last May but I feel I need to do it again. Despite proclaiming that I'd learnt my lesson, and I didn't need any more make up, I've resorted back to my old ways and my stash is starting to pile up again. I've had a good sort through my make up stash and I can honestly say I have pretty much everything I desperately need, I have numerous foundations, concealers, lots and lots of lip and cheek products, and every eyeshadow colour under the sun, in other words I'm sorted.

You know the rules, I can't buy a single make up item until I've used up 10 products. I'm not sure which 10 products I'm going to finish yet, but I've hit pan on a few things, I have a few half finished bottles and a few stubby lipsticks so I may concentrate on those. I can definitely anticipate finishing a few mascaras, maybe a foundation, and a few powders but we'll see x

In planning this out I've already hit a few sticking points, first of all the beauty boxes I subscribe too. Well as I've said before I'm not sure that my subscriptions are going to be continuing much longer anyways but the key factor here is that if they do contain make up it's not something that I've chosen myself, or necessarily something that I would like so I'm not going to count them as part of P10P, the same thing will also apply with press samples, If I'm offered the opportunity to try out make up item on your behalf , and I feel its something that you my blog readers will be interested in then I will still accept them x Next up gifting, this is another tough one, technically if I begged hard enough I could get Mummy Lou to buy my something if I wanted it enough but Mummy Lou has been generous enough so I won't be doing that, however it's my birthday in 3 weeks and I know for a fact that I'm already getting some make up items so birthday gifts are allowed but nothing else -eek.

So yes I'm still allowed to buy skincare and even nail polish, but no make up :) I also going to keep up the stash trimming with a few more blog sale updates so keep you pennies at the ready. I guess that's another reason that I'm doing this to try and save a bit of money, something which is not my strong point.

What does this mean for you my lovely blog readers ? well the main thing will be the lack of make up hauls, but otherwise nothing really will change, obviously I'll pop up a post and update my sidebar when I finish an item , when I reach half way and obviously in the distant future when I reach the end, but I'll still be here and I still have lots of products and make up items to review and blog about. I've made a little video so you can hear a bit more about why I've decided to go through this again

Well they you go thems the rules, and that's why I'm doing it - I'm feeling pretty positive I've done it before and I know I can do it again especially with your support,  wish me luck guys x Have you ever done Project 10 Pan before?, do you think you could do it? leave me a comment and let me know xx


  1. SUCH a good idea. I should do this but I am too.......weak.

  2. Really like your blog dear!
    Keep posting!!

  3. Good luck hun. You have more will power than me. lol. Will look forward to you blog sale. x

  4. I'm doing a project pan but for almost a year! makeup takes me forever to use, since Jan 1st, I've only used up 9 makeup items and countless skincare items! it really does make you more innovative with your stuff, like I've changed subpar eyeshadows to cream shadows, etc :)


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