Saturday 7 April 2012

My MAC Collection - Metal X Eyeshadows and Shadesticks

In my last MAC Collection post I looked at some of my cream eyeshadow products focusing on Paints and Paint Pots, I also have a few more products that could fall under the cream shadow banner - Shadesticks and Metal X Cream Eyeshadows.

First up Metal X Cream Eyeshadows - These shadows have popped up in a few limited edition collections - they have a creamy almost powdery texture and unsurprisingly a metallic finish.

I just have the one of these shadows in Gilded Ash from 2008's Metal Urge Collection. It's a strange colour sort of a cross between a charcoal grey and a chocolate brown, with a bit of shimmer.

The texture is fairly easy to manage and the colour is pretty wearable so I really don't know why I haven't shown this one more love. I've never purchased any more shadows in this finish either, again I'm not sure why, the most recent release of these shadows certainly contained a lot of pretty shades, maybe I'm finally reaching saturation point with my make up collection lol.

Next up Shadesticks - I am a huge fan of these twist up eye colours for a super quick and easy look.  Alas I think most of these were limited edition or have been discontinued but never mind , these are the ones I have

First up Butternutty -released with Sugarsweet in 2009, Butternutty is a lovely pale, frosted golden shade

I also Cakeshop from the Sugarsweet collection - Cakeshop is a frosted beige /grey tone, which has the merest hint of green in it

The final shadestick I have is probably one of the most talked about - Sharkskin

Sharkskin is a lovely slightly frosted dark charcoal grey

As I say I can't find the Shadesticks on the MAC website any more so it's looking as though the format has been discontinued, which is a shame. As well as providing a quick all over colour for the eyes, they also make a great base for other eyeshadow shades. If you like the idea of these and you can't track them down I would definitely recommend you check out your nearest GOSH counter I have a few similar items from them and they are just as good x Do you have any Metal X Cream Shadow recommendations ? and what do you think of Shadesticks? Next up in My MAC Collection series - my mineralize eyeshadow collection x


  1. Im glad they discontinued the shadestick i personally didnt get on with them i feel i totally wasted my money on them ;-(

  2. My experiences of Metal X shadows haven't been great. I have always loved the colours, but the texture wasn't great - really crumbly. One of those products I wanted to love, but couldn't.

    I loved Penny shade stick, but never been impressed with the others.


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