Thursday 19 April 2012

A Beautiful Colour - Not Such Great Photographs - Nails Of The Day x

I have to say I've debated all morning over whether to actually publish this post. I'm just not happy with the photographs, my nails are not in the best shape at the moment to be honest but that's not the the problem, I've taken about 30 photographs of my nails today and not one looks right, whether it's the awful lighting or my camera I really don't know. This colour just isn't translating onto the interweb as it should.

The colour in question the beautiful Models Own - Aqua Violet which was released last year in the first instalment of the Beetlejuice collection.. I love this colour, looking at my fingers now I can see flashes of blue, pink, purple, and aqua. This took 3 coats for maximum coverage x

I love this shade I'm only disappointed that my pictures don't show it to it's best advantage  x Have you tried Aqua Violet


  1. I'm wearing this on my nails today! I love it, it's gorgeous!

  2. That looks lovely in those pictures! I really must get my tiny paws on this :D

  3. This looks lovely, I really want all the Beetljuice colours!

  4. aww no. dont be like me. i also get disappointed by a polish when i am unable to capture it. if others can see it in real life then that's the main thing xx
    liloo /@tsunimee xx


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