Monday 8 November 2010

I'm Doing Project 10 Pan It's Official

OK the announcement you've all be waiting for is finally here - Today I am starting Project 10 Pan eek. As I've said in a few previous posts whilst I was sorting out my new make up storage I came to the conclusion that I really have too much make up. I have a couple of bits to add to my blog sale soon but I've decided to use some up before I buy some more. As you know I am super sucked in by new things so as I result I have loads of half finished products especially foundations and I currently have 4 mascaras on the go eek So Project 10 Pan it is - I will buy no more make up or nail varnish until I have finished 10 make up items. Obviously Christmas will fall into Project 10 Pan time for me and I can't stop others buying me make up but I will not be buying any myself. This is going to be so hard for me I know but it needs to be done. I have a few items that I think will be the first to go including my Laura Geller Balance and Brighten, an ELF Lipgloss, maybe a foundation, and definitely a few mascaras but we'll see. I have a question for you Project 10 Pan veterans - face primers are they included yay or nay, I personally see them as skincare as compared to say a UDPP which has a bit of colour in it but I know some people do include them so what do you think?
I've made a little video just talking about Project 10 Pan and my reasons for it which I've embedded here for you so you can have a little watch x

Other than that I'm just going to keep you updated with how I get on with a little section in the sidebar so you can monitor me progress and obviously I'll show you my empties. So what else can I say apart from wish me luck and don't expect too many hauls lol don't worry though I have loads of reviews to come and I suppose I could always buy more clothes ;) I am also going to try and get my updated make up storage post up soon too so you can see why I need to do Project 10 Pan ;) Any questions or comments please let me know I love reading what you have to say even if I don't always respond xx

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  1. Great post and video hun! I'm exactly the same as you. My "collection" is a bit out of hand. No more spending for me! Good luck with it! xxxx


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