Wednesday 17 November 2010

Project 10 Pan Update - 1 Down

Well my first item on Project 10 Pan is officially finished as predicted it was my full sized Laura Geller Balance & Brighten in Regular.

This has lasted so long, admittedly I only use it during the summer months or when I have a bit of tan but this has easily lasted me about 3 years, either as a mineral foundation in it's own right or as a setting powder for my liquid foundation. I have a couple of back ups of this both in the regular and the light shade, so it's something I don't need to repurchase for long time; I also have a MAC MSF Natural and the Alva Colour one I reviewed a while ago both in pale winter shades to use up as well, eek I am a creature of habit buying loads of back ups and similar products lol Never mind I am one item down only another 9 to go ;) I think my next one will probably be a lip product or a mascara. Remember to vote in my Project 10 Pan Poll if you haven't already I really appreciate it xx Any questions please let me know xx

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  1. Congratulations!! I love finishing a product!! I just realised as well that I have never finished a foundation... I always find a better one and throw the old ones out, but not now with the amount I spend on them! They are building up so much! haha!


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