Monday 15 November 2010

Normality Is Restored and A Gift Haul

Well everything is just about back to normal I am back to portable blogging from this beauty - a huge all singing and dancing DVD playing laptop :) I was so gutted on Friday night my mum took me to PC World on Saturday and bought this as part of my Christmas pressie I am so grateful, blogging and the internet really is my life at the moment and without it I felt as though a part of me had gone. I brought it home on Saturday afternoon and proceeded to start setting it up only trouble it refused to pair with my wireless router, try as I might it wouldn't work so I emailed Orange from my desktop and waited. Sunday afternoon I received a response which to be honest wasn't that helpful so I decided to brave the Orange call centre - first call succeeded in getting the router and laptop paired but still no internet access this time on any computer or my iPod cry :( So I rang them back and sat in the queue for over 10 minutes listening to Girls Aloud, JLS, etc. and how as an Orange customer I was entitled to Orange Wednesday eventually I managed to talk to a human being and got it sorted. I am still trying to fathom out the wonders of Windows 7, Windows Mail Live, and getting used to typing on a full sized keyboard so a little patience would be appreciated xx I have a few posts and You Tubes to catch up on as you can imagine but I'm going to go myself into gear for you. I'll start here by showing you a little gift haul and showering Mummy LouLou with praise. We had a bit of a rough week last week lots of rows and strops but this weekend she really made it up to me as well as my shiny new laptop, she also bought me a few bits from the Metro Centre on Friday. It was a little trip where I was good and just spent my money on Christmas gifts, I also had an infamous Fish Pedicure a full review and a video of which should be up soon ;), so Mummy LouLou very kindly bought me a few bits including this fragrance
Everyone seems to be talking about this at the moment and whilst it wasn't what I expected it is nice and very feminine, my mum thinks it smells a bit like Exclamation, lol I can see where she's coming from actually but I think Naughty Alice has a more sophisticated edge, which is I am sure what Ms Westwood intended, girly but grown up, and the bottle is so cute xx
She also got my a few Lush bits my mum cannot speak highly enough of Lush Metro Centre she we went for a look she kinds picked my up some Snow Fairy which we both love, and some of the Christmas Bubble Bars in Christmas Eve, Bearded Lady and The Gingerbread House which smells amazing
I'm really impressed with Lush this winter another things I would also recommend that we got was The Mandarin Tea Party Soap, this is soooo nice it smells so fresh, and fruity, exactly like the Snow Showers from last year. and the long gone Champagne Bath Ballistic :)

So that was my very generous gift haul from Mummy LouLou I really don't know what I would ever do without her xx Any questions please ask x


  1. What a lovely mummy you have. I'd hate to be without my laptop.
    I have to agree Lush is fab this year xx

  2. What a lovely mummy loulou, bless her. New laptop looks fabbo!! :D Wheeeeeee, loving the goodies from the metro centre too, I really want to try the new naughty alice perfume, I really love vivienne westwood perfumes, particularly libertine from a few years ago, which is sadly discontinued :( would you review the new fragrance for us?

    I wandered past that appy feet place last week looking in there rather suspicously lol

    I also like your new red coat on the next post :D

  3. aw thanks Emms she is lovely I am sure you will be a lovely mum too fingers crossed it won't be long x
    @Layna - you know her honey she is indeed fab - Naughty Alice is sooo nice :) It's funny I've never been that keen on VW perfumes eventhough I did have boudoir years ago btu this is nice :)You must try Appy Feet I'm going to try and get my review up tomorrow xx

  4. Indeedy, I do know mummy loulou and she is truly lovely xx you both are xx

    Hmm I will have to hunt down some of this new VW perfume to try. Libertine is fab , it is quite unusual and I've never found anything like it since.

    Ooooh the appy feet I was a bit not quite sure about,not sure If I'd like it, sounds tickly lol. I enjoyed your review, it sounds amazing in there!!


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