Thursday 11 November 2010

Twinkle Twinkle

First of all thanks for all the sweet comments regarding yesterdays post - I didn't mean to worry anyone I was just having a bit of a bad day partially thanks to Morther Nature Never mind.
Normal service being resumed I've been a naughty girl ;) don't worry it's not make up but a little purchase came yesterday from  the lovely Sinead at Dainty Dollymix (link in my sidebar you should already be following her tho ;)- I was so happy with the couple of her handmade pieces that I bought from her last month that when she put a few new items on her blog I couldn't help but look. This cute little necklace immediately caught my eye, 3 tiny, textured stars on a gold tone chain - I couldn't resist

I am so happy with this and I know I am going to wear it lots x Thanks Sinead xxx
As you can see this has pushed my monthly spends slightly over eek nevermind this piece was certainly worth it - I am hopefully heading to the Metro Centre to do a bit of early Christmas shopping, to drink Toffee Nut Lattes, and to do something which I will be reviewing for you over the weekend :) I'm not planning on spending any money on myself partly because I haven't got any lol but I am going with the ever generous all be it tetchy Mummy LouLou so we'll see but I can guarantee you something I won't be getting any make up xx

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  1. oh that's so nice!
    So perfect for the festive season that's coming!


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