Tuesday 2 November 2010

Finally My Accessorize Haul

Well this order has certainly been a bit of saga, I initially placed the order with Accessorize on the day the cosmetics collection launched - I paid via paypal but because I was in the process of becoming verified the payment didn't got through and 10 days later Accessorize cancelled my order?!? So I placed the order again and waited - a few days later the parcel dispatched I waited last Thursday whilst we were in I may add a little red card came through the door, you know the one "While You Were Out" Mummy LouLou immediately dialled the office and politely explained ;) that we were not out, not a problem we'll bring it out for you tomorrow morning was the response - well we waited and waited and eventually late on Friday afternoon still with no parcel we had to go out - when we got back no card, no attempted delivery, zilch. So Saturday comes, our regular postman comes with no parcel Mummy LouLou goes after him waving her walking stick - I'll call the depot and get the van to bring it later- he replies - hurray - Saturday afternoon the van comes parks, nobody gets out, he looks about a bit and then drives away!! Mummy Lou Lou leaves irate message with Royal Mail. Monday morning parcel comes with regular  postman who was fuming because said van driver had left him all his parcels because he couldn't find any of the houses!!!!! erm my house is over 30 years old!! Never mind said postman had my parcel from Accessorize :) and peace is regained :)
On to the order which I have to say was packed really well tissue paper, bubble wrap and resealable bags - very impressive - the order as you've probably already guessed was from the new make up collection and very good it is too :)

First of all the items I really wanted after seeing a few preview pictures of the range - the Merged Blusher in 3 Pretty Pink

OMG how pretty is this - a baked blusher it is very similar in appearance to MAC's Moon River - if you like I'll do some comparison swatches but it's a gorgeous shimmery peachy pink - apologies for the bad swatch x

I also picked up a couple of eyeshadows from the Merged (baked) range, now before I say anything else I have to say neither of these look anything like the website pictures - the shadows on the pictures appear to be light with dark veining where as these are must definitely dark with light veining. They are still gorgeous don't get me wrong I would just say if you are thinking of getting these or any of the Merged shadows I would maybe check them out in person so you aren't disappointed

The two colours I got were Gun Metal (Left) and Golden Brown (Right)

Gun Metal is a gorgeous silvery ,stormy grey with gorgeous white /silver veining, and Golden Brown as pretty much what you'd expect, a gorgeous warm brown with gold veining

I also got another couple of the eyeshadow palettes including the Gamble Eyeshadow Collection - in cardboard, magnetic packaging, this is a 5 shade palette which comes with a little sponge applicator and a mini tube of primer

Gamble is the neutral toned palette, you get 5 neutral toned shadows - they feel nice and soft and the pigmentation is pretty good despite the face the lighter shades don't seem to be showing up to well here x

The next palette I got was the Hot Smudge kit (why does that make me snigger;) in Shade 1 Black Cat - this is my favourite packaging I think, again magnetic cardboard, but this time with a slight kitsch (some would say tacky) leopard and rose print.

In this palette you get one dark grey / black slightly glittery shadow, and a black cream eyeliner as well as a little applicator

Swatch of shadow

I also got one of the Eye Dusts in Shade 6 Gold Leaf

I have to say this really doesn't look that gold in the tub but when swatched bear in mind this is a dry swatch, it is the most amazing old gold shade

The final product I got was a nail polish I have to say they look amazing on the site but I just got the one  - shade 41 Bronze

In the bottle which I've tried unsuccessfully to capture here it looks fabulous bronze, with red and gold shot through in the swatch though and I expect also on on the nails it looks a little flatter, it still pretty but you don't seem to see any of the flashes of colour

All in all I'm pretty impressed I think the most expensive thing I got was about £6 and for the price the quality is pretty good, my one gripe is the online pics of the Merged shadows but I'm sure seeing them irl would make up for that. If you would like any reviews or have any questions please don't hesitate to ask xx


  1. my order took ages too! the blusher looks so pretty, i want that one too now. i got the other pink one, there's pics on my blog if you fancy a look

  2. I want all their duo chrome polishes!


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