Sunday 7 November 2010

Nail Growth Challenge Restart

Hey my loves I just like to say thank you again for the lovely comments on my last post I'm really thankful to be part of such a lovely community yes we have ups and downs and there are sometimes a few bad apples around but you can always guarantee that somebody will be there to throw you a rope x Anyways I've had quite a productive weekend, my bedroom and new make up storage still needs a bit of work but I managed to film 3 videos for my You Tube channel (link in the sidebar <-;), I washed my make up brushes, listed like a demon on ebay (-> link again in the sidebar to my listings ;), and I helped my mum to start the Christmas cake :) the house smells gorgeous now I must say, my Mum makes a gluten free version of Delia Smiths Creole Christmas Cake - you warm the dried fruit with Brandy, Cherry Brandy, Rum and Port, then you leave it to cool and put it in the fridge for a week so the fruit takes on the alcohol - It's a gorgeous rich cake that never lasts long :)
Enough of my rambling on to the purpose of my post  - my new nail growth challenge - I was going to start it a week or so ago but to be honest my nails have taken a back seat for a little while so I have cut all my nails down to get rid of all the raggy edges and peels as best as I can and I'm starting the challenge with my Leighton Denny products today. My nails really are in a bad way at the moment so I've took some new pics for you
As you can see I've got very little to work with at the moment but I'm not expecting miracles - I'll update you in two weeks so you can see how I'm getting on x Any questions please ask x

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  1. I hear you - my nails are in a terrible state at the moment as well! I really need to give them some time off from polish and treat the hell out of them! I cut them all off last week as they were splitting and peeling :( Let's hope we can grow them out by Christmas! xx


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