Tuesday 16 November 2010

Goods and Bads

I know a lot of bloggers have been doing the Sunday or Monday summary but I've decided to keep doing my goods and bads posts despite I haven't done one for a few weeks eek so lets get started :)

  • My new laptop :) I'm just about used to all the quirks now I think,and I'm loving the larger screen size and full sized keyboard
  • Spent the afternoon in Asda superstore and in Ikea - I am doing really well with my Christmas shopping, and I've even picked up a few bits for the Christmas giveaway I have planned ;)
  • I love my mum - have I mentioned that recently she has bought me so much lately and to cap it off she bought me a coat today from Asda - a bright red belted military style coat - I haven't had a red coat for years not so much Little Red Riding Hood, more Large Red Riding Without A Hood :)
  • My mum made the Christmas cake last night it smells gorgeous
  • Trufree Gluten Free Mince Pies are amazing end of lol
  • The heating is really iffy at the moment we are supposed to be getting a new boiler and radiators in by Christmas but argh it went off for a couple of hours on Sunday afternoon typical just as the weather is getting colder - it's been really icy the past couple of nights and the Asda car park was covered in salt :(
  • ME /CFS pretty much always in my bads but I have had a lot of pain over the weekend and today, specially in my rib cage and I think I'm coming down with a cold again, still I am going to start a new NHS  programme tomorrow called condition management so we'll see what that can do fingers crossed it helps somehow
  • Blogging and You Tube - I have a whole load of posts to do and videos to upload which I don't seem to have time to do fingers crossed I get caught up by the end of the week


  1. Great jacket. Hope it's warm!

  2. thanking you - it certainly seems warm I was boiling while I tried it on lol

  3. Oh lucky you to get a new laptop, and the coat is gorgeous. Great mum, you have - and lovely that she spoils you!

  4. aw thanks love - she is an angel xx


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