Wednesday 17 November 2010

A Bad Girls Perfume Obsession

I don't know why but lately I have developed a real perfume obsession since the summer I have added about another 5 to my collection including a new one today, I had my NHS appointment this afternoon so I had a few minutes in town so I popped into the Factory Shop and bought a few festive gifts and I also bought something for me - a fragrance that I hadn't heard of, probably because it's one of the ones they bring out especially for cheap Christmas gifts ;) It's Sex In The City - Lust, it's actually quite nice if a bit synthetic,it's got a bit of depth to it and it's quite fruity

Better still it was only £5 for 100ml,  OK I've gone even further over my spending limit for this month but I deserved a treat after my appointment x


  1. Only a fiver, I'll have to have a look xx

  2. Its really not bad there are about 4 different ones synthetic but nice :)


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