Monday 29 November 2010

Christmas Wishlists

Well now is the time when we start to think about what we'd like from Santa I know a few bloggers have done this so I thought I would too - it's just a bit of fun really :) Wishlist is the operative word here I've already got some of my Christmas pressies a new laptop and a new tv so some if not the majority of these are just pie in the sky - if I win the lottery tho ;) Obviously my number one wish would be to have my health back but if not any of these goodies would make me happy :)

An Oversized Mulberry Alexa in Black

OK we'll start with a dream on I have a Next tan copy which I adore but I'd love the original x

Some Sort Of IPL Hair Removal System

What can I say at the weekend I looked like I was taking part in Movember and believe me hair removal in this cold weather makes your skin smart afterwards

A Missoni Scarf

I would love a Missoni scarf not necessarily this design but I had one and I lost it - hmm that's why I won't be getting another one

An iPhone

A possibility this one, my mobile contract is nearly up but since this is an ongoing thing and I need to get my finances into gear I doubt I'll get one of these in my stocking

Calvin Klein Beauty Perfume

I've asked for this so you never know - I tried it when I was on holiday and didn't buy it but I do like it not that I need another perfume tho...

Benefit Gift Set

Not this one is particular but I usually end of with some form of gift set from a cosmetic brand and Benefit have some really cute ones this year

MAC Cool Thrillseekers Pigment Set

Love this kit and I've asked for it so fingers crossed oh and I'd love a back up of Faerie Glen lipstick if Santa's listening

(pics from Apple, Net-a-Porter, MAC Cosmetics, House of Fraser, Superdrug and Boots)

So there you go, tell me what you'd like to get under your tree this year xx

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