Saturday 20 November 2010

My Long Awaited Updated Make Up Storage Post + Video

OK I'll start this post off by saying yes I have a lot of make up and so on but please don't use that as an excuse to leave hater or begging comments - 99% of it has been bought and paid for by me I am not doing this to show off or brag it has been requested and I just thought it might help any one who has a particularly large collection. I have very few passions or vices anymore and make up and cosmetics happen to be way up there x Apologies some of the pictures aren't that great the lighting was soooo bad I hate this time of year for photography, but I will attach the two videos I've uploaded to my You Tube channel so you can see everything better - OK lets get started sorry this is a bit pic heavy ;) In the bathroom I keep my train case (a B&Q cantilever, metal tool box). I know your not supposed to keep make up in the bathroom but I can assure you my bathroom is freezing. In this I keep the things I use most often, and things I am trying to use up, I do change things round occasionally taking things out of the drawers in my room and putting them in here, mainly foundations, summer/winter colours etc.

Right this is my bedroom set up, I would love a dressing table but it isn't that practical so I have two of the Ikea 6 drawer malm units which match the rest of my furniture

On the left hand side unit I keep the lid up so the mirror is visible, on here I keep my perfumes, hairbrushes, lipbalms, sometimes a few skincare items, and my eye brushes in a Sephora style brush holder using beads from Hobbycraft and Ebay, and a vase from Ikea :)

In the top thin drawer I keep my loose powder eyeshadows, pigments, mixing mediums etc. and some back ups. The trays came in a Bare Escentuals make up bag x

In the next thin drawer I keep my cream shadows and liners, and my back up mascaras, in a cutlery tray from Ikea

The next drawer down contains drugstore eyeshadows, singles, duos, trios and small palettes, and the next drawer down contains my high end eyeshadows again stored in a cutlery drawer from Ikea

The next drawer down is my foundations, and the bottom drawer contains my blush, bronzer and highlighter  products, all in trays from Muji

The next drawer unit has some mini plastic drawers on the top from Poundland, these contain my lip products, some lip balms , and my eye and lip pencils. You can also see Sir Teddy, some Hello Kitty bits, some hair products, a paperweight and some candles. I also have a few of my most used palettes on here in a letter rack from Urban Outfitters. I also now have my face brush holder on here too.

These drawers to be honest aren't too interesting the top one contains my brush rolls, and other make up applicators, the second contains some nail art things, some hair bobbles and some random things. The next drawer down is my skin care back ups and things to test, and the drawer below that is some nail polishes in a container from Ikea. Next drawer down is another nail polish drawer containing Models Own, China Glaze, Nails Inc and so on.The final drawer is predominantly my OPI drawer, but I also have Essie, Chanel, Leighton Denny, Illamasqua and Nars are well as some minis - the tray is from Muji

So that's my drawers next to them I have a mirror and underneath that I have a storage box from Store Twenty One which contains the rest of my palettes including my MAC palettes, my Sleek, Lauren Luke, and some randoms and things I've pressed myself

So there you have it - if you want to see it all more clearly please check out these videos on my You Tube channel

Any questions please ask xx


  1. Wow, that's quite a collection! Great storage ideas too.

  2. OMG wow you have so much make up- great videos too x

  3. Wow is all I can say. My hubby thought I had a lot of make up and nail polish. He says he won't take the mickey out of me again, now he's seen your videos!

    Good videos, and good storage solutions!


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