Friday 26 November 2010

Brush Up Well With Denman

OK as promised a product rave, well partially a rave and partially a review as you'll see :) About a month ago I was lucky enough to be sent a package of hair related samples from a PR company, included in the package was a hairbrush - cue a very excited LouLou :)

Why may you ask was I so excited by the inclusion of a hairbrush,well the brush I was sent was the latest model of my favourite hairbrush of all time the Classic Styling Brush by Denman.

Used frequently by hairdressers including mine, Denman describe this as the most famous brush in the world and I can see why, I must have had mine the D3 Classic Medium 7 Row Styling Brush for about 5 years and it is still as good as new. With 7 rows of nylon pins set on an anti static rubber cushion, you can use this brush on wet or dry hair and it is great for blow drying and it never tangles or tears my hair. I've dabbled with others but for the last few years this has been my hairbrush of choice (excuse the hairs stuck in it tho - erk)

So as you can guess I was thrilled when I received the new Tutti Fruiti Fragranced version of my beloved brush. Identical in design to the original D3 with the sturdy plastic handle, and white nylon pins, the main difference is the pretty fruit designs on the handle and the coloured, and scented rubber cushion.

 I was sent the Wild Dewberry version which smells exactly like The Body Shop's traditional Dewberry fragrance, and comes with purple printed berries and a purple cushion. You can also get the D3 in Strawberry Shortcake, Lemon Sherbet,Coconut and Green Apple fragrances. The fragrance is lovely, but at the same time subtle and I noticed no real transfer on to the hair, which I would have liked :(

It might be a bit of novelty value but the fragrance is a nice touch and this is a really good all round hair brush and I am certainly happy to have another. The original Denman D3 Classic Styling Brush retails at around £6.94, and the D3 from the Fragrance Range retails at around £7.16. The brushes are available from Denman stockists including Boots, Superdrug and from Denman's own website. Any questions please let me know xx

(The fragranced brush was provided by PR for review purposes, I purchased the original D3 myself)

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