Tuesday 23 November 2010

A Little Purchase From Forever 21

Last week saw the online launch of Forever 21's UK website. After a couple of initial problems I managed to placed my order after about a week my order came today and I have to say I was very impressed with what I bought. Nearly everything I ordered was for gifts I was particularly impressed with an ethic print shawl / scarf I bought for Mummy LouLou I think it was £9.99 and I would easily have paid triple that for it - really nice quality and so pretty. Anyway I was a bad LouLou well a bit bad anyways and got myself just one tiny little necklace

It's a tiny little bouquet of flowers on a gold tone chain which was just £3.80, it was also $3.80 which means as per usual us Europeans have got a bad deal but still it's very cute. I also picked up another one of these for my Christmas giveaway so if you'd like to win one as well as loads of other goodies please check back on the 1st December to find out how :) x Any questions please let me know xx


  1. Ooh that's SO cute Lou! I love tiny pendant necklaces and will be keeping eyes peeled for the giveaway! :) x

  2. I am very tempted to buy a scarf from F21! That necklace is very cute too :)

  3. Pretty necklace. I've been having a good look at the site and love loads x

  4. Lovely necklace! I've just placed my first order. It's one of my favourite US stores so hopefully it'll impress! x


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