Friday 8 April 2011

Tara Smith Big Baby Haircare

I was recently contacted by a company on behalf of Tara Smith haircare, up until last year to be honest I hadn't heard of Tara Smith but at the time there was a bit of a buzz on the beauty community about her products. So many of us are now starting to look at the ingredients in the products we buy and the Tara Smith range has rightly being highlighted for being one of the best, her products are free from parabens, sodium laureth sulphate, artificial colourings, synthetic fragrances, and many other nasties.

Tara Smith is one of the most highly respected and innovative celebrity hairdressers, working on clients such as Demi Moore, Lindsay Lohan, and Lucy Liu. In 2008 she released her own haircare line based on her belief that we don't need to have harsh chemicals in out haircare. As a result all of her products are vegan and BUAV approved (there are tested on film stars not animals;) , and are made in the UK with natural and organic plant extracts. The range currently comprises of 4 shampoo and 4 corresponding conditioners, designed for different hair types and problems - Feed The Root, Big Baby, Straight Away and C Curls, as well as 3 styling products including a hair primer, a shine serum, and a styling gel.
I was kind sent the shampoo and conditioner from the Big Baby range - as it's name suggests, this is Tara's range for those with sensitivities, and is an ideal shampoo for the little ones x

Tara Smith Big Baby Gentle Shampoo

Designed for babies and sensitive grown ups, this is the most gentle of Tara Smith's shampoos :). It main ingredients are Aloe Vera which provides moisture and is good for sensitivity, Hydrolysed Soy Protein which protects the hair and Camomile which is moisturising and soothing hence it's use in a lot of baby products. It also contains a 100% organic essential oil blend with Lavender, Camomile, Mandarin and Orange for fragrance

The shampoo comes in two sizes I was sent the 100ml bottle.The bottle has a distinctive round shape and comes with a flip style cap - I did find the cap a tiny bit stiff to use, but other wise it was pretty effective

The shampoo itself has a pretty runny texture as you can see here - please make sure you close the cap properly I didn't knocked it over and lost a little bit of product. As you would expect from a shampoo that doesn't contain any chemical foaming agents such as SLS you don't get masses of bubbles, more a slightly creamy lather

I have to say this shampoo as you would expect from the essential oil blend smells amazing especially when it hits the water, a really fresh lavender based fragrance. My hair did feel clean with this shampoo but I personally found it a bit too gentle for my thick, coloured hair, which I normally wash twice to three times a week. If you have fine hair, or if you wash your hair everyday I think this would be a fab gentle cleansing shampoo. I also think it's must if you have little ones, the essential oil blend makes it really relaxing, and it would be great on fine children's hair. Tara Smith Big Baby Shampoo retails at around £3.75 for 100ml and around £6.50 for 250ml

Tara Smith Big Baby Gentle Conditioner

I was also sent the corresponding conditioner. Again I was sent the 100ml version and it came in the same bottle as the shampoo, with the same cap. The condition again if described as gentle and is describe as being for light condionting. As you would expect it contains similar ingredients to the shampoo including Aloe Vera for moisture, and Camomile for moisturising and soothing the hair and scalp. It also contains Marine Algae which can help repair damaged hair and help it retain moisture. Perhaps the thing that I liked the most was that the conditioner contained exactly the same organic essential oil blend as the shampoo so it has the same lovely, fresh aromatherapy lavender based fragrance.

For a light conditioner the texture actually surprised me, I was expecting it to be quite runny but as you can see it's actually quite creamy. I applied it after shampooing and towel drying my hair, it spread easily through my hair and rinsed out easily leaving barely no tangling. I have to say again as a daily conditioner or on finer or children's hair, or even normal hair this would be great, although I liked it, it probably wasn't quite enough for my hair, it is super gentle but I think my hair at the moment needs something with a bit more moisture. Tara Smith Big Baby Gentle Conditioner retails at around £3.75 for 100ml and around £6.50 for 250ml.

I have to say these two products probably weren't ideal for my hair type, but they still did a job and it certainly hasn't put me off trying the range again. I am definitely going to look into purchasing the shampoo and conditioner in the Straight Away range for sleek and shiny hair which I think may be more suitable for my hair type. I love the ethos behind the brand and it ingredients and I also love the pricing which is really reasonable for not only a celebrity hairdresser lead brand but also one with such an emphasis on natural ingredients. For more information including stockist details please check out the Tara Smith website x Any questions please ask x

(The Tara Smith Big Baby Shampoo and Conditioner Were Both Provided By PR For Review Purposes)


  1. Great review lovely. The bottles are really pretty! I'll keep an eye out for this brand :) x

  2. Hiya, it's Gem from Where Are My Knees, glad to hear you liked the soup :)

  3. @ashlie thanks chick xx
    @Gem - thanks for posting the recipe it was really nice and surprisingly filling - I'll definitely make it again xx


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