Monday 4 April 2011

Mondays Goods and Bads

Hey guys welcome to this weeks goods and bads :)

  • Another relative is in hospital - my dads auntie was taken in ill at the weekend - she is in her late 80's and is the oldest member of my family :(
  • Feeling a bit down about my ME at the moment - I had my last appointment with the CFS team last week - to be honest it didn't lift me like it normally does - the gist of it was I know everything there is too now about pacing and managing my illness so there isn't really anything else they can help me with because of course ME has no cure :( In my heart of hearts I know all of this anyway but there is something about somebody actually telling you it that hurts :(
  • Made a lovely mothers day meal yesterday (thanks for all the nice comments ) but I sliced into my finger leaving a very unattractive and sore gouge, and a hacked off nail :(
  • My feet or rather my foot - it's actually feeling pretty good but the splint constantly rubbing has caused the driest, flakiest foot ever  and hideous heels- recommendation on how to get it back to normally needed please?
  • An awful news story on local news about someone shooting and poisoning cats :( Animal cruelty of any kind really upsets me - how could anyone hurt an innocent creature ? I will be giving my babies an extra big hug tonight - I mean look at Tallulah's face - how could anyone?

  • Yesterday - we had a really good day yesterday, I spent some quality time with both my mum and my godmother and I ate some yummy food :)
  • I lost a pound this week - not much but I hadn't been particularly strict so I was pretty pleased - I am having a few days off but I will get back on track later this week
  • Project 10 Pan - the end is officially in site that makes me happy :)
  • 407 Followers very exciting - a have a few giveaways coming soon to say thank you so keep checking back xx
I hope you've all had a good week, if not I hope this one is better for you. Again I have a few posts planned for this week including a product rave, a sneaky purchase, and maybe a review x See you soon xx

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