Tuesday 26 April 2011

From Breakfast Cereal To Gnomes Celebrate The Royal Wedding In Style

Well it's eventually hear after all the TV and press coverage it's eventually Royal Wedding week - it seems like the preparation and hype has being going on for years. Today's post is the first of two concerning Royal Wedding Memorabilia. This one I have to say is a bit tongue in cheek, Royal Wedding souvenirs have come along way from the obligatory Union Jack, mugs and a bit of bunting - although these bits are still alive and kicking and available at anywhere from Selfridges to Aldi, a lot of souvenirs have taken a different slant, from the cute to the damn right ridiculous I have trawled the net to find my picks. I have in no way been coerced into writing about or sent press releases on any of these items, these are just some of them that have took my fancy :)

First up probably the most controversial and probably the most talked about (well the most controversial that I was going to feature anyway - try googling Royal Wedding merchandise ;) Royal Wedding sick bags - hmm well I am sure some people will certainly take offence at these but I like to think that they are for when you have celebrated Wills and Kate's big day a bit erm shall we say too much :) Designed by graphic designer Lydia Leith these retail at £3 each.

Next up something a little more erm sedate - tea bags, not not the lovely Twinnings Royal Blend (nom) but these Kate and William tea bags by Donkey Products. To celebrate the wedding they have added to their celebrity tea bag range, which already includes musicians and fashion designers and brought out a William and Kate version - these retail at £6.00 from Urban Outfitters

Sticking to the food theme I was surprised to find these Kate and William Breakfast Cereal - William's The Royal O's and Special Kate's -  in a limited run of just 1000 per box start your day with some Royal cereal at only £9.99 a box :)

Next up one of my favourites - Royal Wedding themed garden gnomes - maybe William and Kate in their later years ?- thanks to B&Q just £20 for the 2 :)

Perhaps a more traditional idea next paper dress up dolls, take this opportunity to dress both William and Kate the way you want, you could even deisgn your own wedding dress :) just £5.99 from Culture Label

Next up a couple of bits for the little ones including this cute little HappyLand figure set at just £12 from the Early Learning Centre

and finally one of they toys of my childhood Sylvanian Families and their Wedding Celebration Set with William and Catherine Bunny Rabbit which retails at £24.71 from Amazon - surely they should have been Corgis?

and finally probably my favourite that really makes me wish I could knit - Knit You Own Royal Wedding by Fiona Goble, just £5.67 from Amazon - you can knit everyone in the wedding party from William and Kate, to the Archbishop of Canterbury to the Corgis. I am waiting for a copy from the library so I can have a proper read :)

Oh and if you want bunting for your street party (is anyone actually having one?) I personally would forgo the traditional route and buy this shabby chic version from Accessorize - cute eh!
I hope you have enjoyed this tongue and cheek look at Royal Wedding Memorabilia - it makes you realise I guess how much companies will try to cash in on any event or occasion. Next up some Royal Wedding goodies that I did buy and yes it will be beauty related ;) xx

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  1. I too love the knits. Too cute. I'm begrudgingly getting into the mood. Still too many resonances of Diana and the way THAT all worked out to be comfortable with it though...


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