Friday 29 April 2011

I've Got The Royal Wedding Nailed

After my little look at some of the more bizarre Royal Wedding Merchandise it's not surprise that the beauty industry has got involved, with special kits and products from brands such as Neals Yard, Batiste, Elemis, Nails Rocks, Essie and Leighton Denny I didn't take much persuasion to get out my purse but what did I buy?
Well in two words nail varnish - OPI's Britannia Collection to be honest was just a bit of a re-release of older shades some of which I already own including Dating A Royal.

So I skipped it, and I also skipped the Leighton Denny and Essie Royal themed kits, but I did buy a Butter London polish. Butter London has a few London and Monarchy named polishes including HRH, Tea With The Queen and All Hail The Queen, but the star for me is No More Waity, Katie

Made to the usual Butter London formula which is free from formaldehyde, toluene and DBP, No More Waity, Katie is a limited edition nail polish designed by Butter London and inspired by Kate Middleton to celebrate the biggest wedding of the year. Described as a greige with a lilac glitter, in reality is a kind of dirty lilac with a purple sparkle

The first coat was a streaky mess a very, very sheer lilac with the odd splodge of glitter, coat 2 was better but these pics are taken with 3 coats - I love the colour but the application was a nightmare, it was streaky and super splodgy - not good lovely colour but an awful formulation, such a shame. Butter London No More Waity, Katie is a limited edition polish with retails at around £15.00 from Butter London stockists including Power Rooms and Debenhams.

Next up the biggie -  British company Nails Inc seem to have gone Royal Wedding daft with limited edition crystal cap polishes and a gift set of 4 limited edition polishes. I couldn't resist the gift set and purchased it with one of my Diet Coke vouchers so I got it for £20 as opposed to £25 but the full set should retail for £44 if you could buy them separately (as Louise tries to justify her purchase as a bargain ;)

Packaged in a gorgeous cream and gold box with a gold ribbon, all of the polishes in the Royal Polish Collection, are limited edition and feature gold lids instead of the usual silver. The blue, red and gold polishes are all named after famous Royal locations including castles and religious establishments.

First up Sandringham, named after the Queens Norfolk residence - a gorgeous metallic shimmery red -exactly the same colour as my mums new car :)

It's a little darker than it showing here the bottle shot is probably the most accurate but it's a proper rich regal red ;). With just one coat I got perfect coverage with this one - if your after a good rich red this is definitely the one x

The second polish in the collection is named after the wedding venue Westminster Abbey

OMG this is easily my favourite colour of the 4! Described as a liquid gold shimmer, it is basically a liquid gold, with tiny sparkles in it. For being a sparkle / glitter it applied really easily this is two coats here but you probably could have got away with just one the coverage was so good

It's is much, much nicer than it looks here you really can't see the true sparkle and liquid gold appearance.

My one issue was that like a lot of glitters and sparkles it was soooo hard to remove, but that doesn't bother me in the slightest, this is a gorgeous colour that I really didn't want to remove :)

Next up Balmoral, named after the Queen's Scottish residence :)

This is perhaps the strangest colour in the collection, all the others are metallics, and sparkles, but this is just a true mannequin hands nude beige colour.

The first coat applied a little bit streaky as creams often do but the second seemed to even it out. Not the most eye catching colour but probably the most wearable of the four.


The final colour in the set is probably the one that first drew me in - Windsor - described by Nails as a deep metallic navy - a true regal colour if ever there was one

The bottle pictures indeed do make it look a deep shimery navy blue, but in some lights it can also look more like an indigo shade with a touch of purple to it

In real life it probably looks darker than it does here, but again to be honest one coat would have done I only did two because of my poor painting skills -these pictures are taken without the flash

This picture is taken with the flash you can see much more of the flashes that appear in real life

This I have to say is a gorgeous colour, giving my love for blue nail polishes it was a welcome addition to this kit, do I already own something similar to this, yeah probably but that has never stopped me before:)

All in all I think this was a pretty decent set all the colours are wearable and the quality seems to be there too. I know this is a limited edition kit but a few places still seem to have it including, ASOS, Debenhams, QVC and of course Nails Inc themselves and I think it's pretty good value for £25 espeically since I got it for £20:)

I hope you have all enjoyed Royal Wedding Day - I have to say I've only watched a little bit to see the frocks and hats mainly and boy haven't there been some shockers - Fergie's girls and Miriam Clegg mainly! Although I wish them well as I would any couple on their wedding day I still find it hard to feel any sort of emotion towards a couple who I don't know so my glances at the screen have been fleeting I must say, but the TV networks loss has been you gain as well as blog post drafting I have a few You Tube vids ready to go up too - I hope you all enjoy the rest of the day and the saying what goes around comes around is a true one - this ring was my grans alas not real sapphires and diamonds but not too different in style to Catherine's I think?

I hope you've found this post useful/interesting I have a renewed respect for nail bloggers after all the painting and removing :) Any questions give me a yell xxx

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  1. I love all the polishes you showed here, but most of all Westminster Abbey. It's an amazing colour on you.
    The ring you have on is better than Kate's but shhh... :D
    Happy weekend love!


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