Tuesday 5 April 2011

A Bandwagon Jumping Purchase :)

If you have watched any You Tube guru over the last few months I can pretty much guarantee that at least some of them will have been wearing a very distinctive sideways cross necklace - I loved it and I wanted one, alas the prices from etsy and Dogeared were a little more than I wanted to pay - but about a fortnight ago I spotted this on ebay

awful Blackberry Pic

I borrowed the picture from the seller which I hope they don't mind but it came all the way from Arizona in less than two weeks and it was beautifully packaged in a pretty pink mesh bag with sequins and a little thank you card - it's isn't real silver just plated base metal but I think it's super cute - the sellers name was LA Love but they also have an online store Guns and Cupcakes and it was only £7.00 with postage :) I am super pleased with my purchase and I wouldn't hesitate to buy from them again :) Any questions please ask x


  1. This is fabulous! Such a bargain price! I also jumped on the bandwagon & ordered a gold one from etsy for about £20! I do love it though, such a classic piece :)

    Great post lovely xxx

  2. It is a gorgeous necklace, I really want to pick one up! xxx

  3. Thanks ladies much appreciated xx


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