Thursday 21 April 2011

Clothing Bargains - Sainsburys

Well we had intended to go to the Metro Centre this week but it never happened, and there is no way I am going on a Bank Holiday weekend so at least I'll save a bit of money ;) We did however pop to Sainsburys yesterday after my hospital appointment. Sainsburys is one of the last places that I would ever think for looking for clothes, Tesco and Asda yes Sainsburys no, although why that is I don't know - Sainsburys have their own clothing label TU, and it just so happened that from yesterday till Easter Monday there is 25% off their entire clothing range including sale items. My mum picked up a sage green t- shirt for herself for just £2 and she bought me a couple of bits too. First up harem pants - I love harems yes they aren't always flattering but they are just so comfy and easy to wear especially in a light jersey fabric - these khaki ones (they are looking grey here but they are definitely khaki) came to less than £6

Next up a skirt this was originally £20 but we got it for less than a tenner, it has an elasticated waist and is double layered - I am really loving pleats at the moment :)

Have you ever found clothing bargains in an unexpected source? Any questions let me know xx


  1. I keep looking at harems and thinking how comfy they look but i've not taken the plunge yet, might have to change that though for round the house with a vest in sumer. Have a fab easter lou x

  2. Love the pants

    I'm your newest follower, follow me back pls

    xoxo Naomi


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