Saturday 23 April 2011

Get The Glow With Perfume Fairy (UK Only) - CLOSED

Edited To Add - This is giveaway is now closed thanks for all you enteries I will announce the winner tomorrow x

As you may have noticed I recently did a little post on my blog talking about Perfume Fairy - the Perfume Price Comparison Website (click here to read it ). Well the lovely people at Perfume Fairy have provided me with a a little prize especially for you. You can win 100ml bottle of JLo Miami Glow EDT.

With an RRP of £38, Miami Glow is just one in the series of Glow fragrances, deisgned and endorsed by Jennifer Lopez. Miami Glow is described as a mixture of tropical fruits, shimmering floral notes, amber and musk - perfect for summer :) Not only that but the bottle features a cute friendship bracelet with a little flip flop charm a perfect beach accessory.

Giveaway Rules
You must be in the UK (sorry to my international followers I'll make it up to you xx)
You must be a follower of my blog
Just leave a comment telling me what your favourite perfume is and the cheapest price you can get it for by using Perfume Fairy The Price Comparsion Website x
You have until Saturday 30th April at 6pm UK time to enter x

That's it any questions please let me know and Good Luck xx

(This Is A Sponsored Giveaway In Association With Perfume Fairy The Perfume Price Comparison Site)


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  2. What a lovely giveaway. This perfume looks so nice. it sounds as if it's very sweet and light, which is just my style. However i don't know many posh perfumes at all, so the task is very hard for me. I've heard that Britney Spears perfumes are really nice: one day, i smelt it on someone and when asking when it was, they said 'oh it's britney spears so and so' so i think if i wanted to buy a perfume, i'd go to boots and have a sniff in person to try to identify the one i liked and then go to this part of the website to buy it:


  3. DKNY Be Delicious 100ml. Cheapest is £48.97 which is slightly less than I paid but I got it in store so there was no delivery charge and no wait. :-)

  4. My fave perfume is Stella by Stella McCartney and you can get it for £25/99 on Perfume Fairy! Bargain!

  5. Hi I would like to enter :-)
    My favorite perfume is glam princess by vera wang- cheapest price is £14.81- I bought it for £25.0 :-/
    Thanks Kate xxxx

  6. enter me please :)

    my fave at the moment is jimmy choo i can get it for £35.10 at perfume fairy.

    can i ask,how did the website know that you mentioned them in your blog?

    thanks :)

  7. What a lovely giveaway! My current favourite is Elizabeth Arden's Mediterranean - and this is a blow, as I bought my first bottle (100ml edp) of this last week for a lot more than the £18.45 (including postage) that I could have bought it for had I known about this site! Ah well, next time...

  8. Hey lady! Fab giveaway! My favourite perfume at the mo is Hugo Boss Orange Sunset. It's availabe on the Perfume Fairy for £26.50 - I got mine for Christmas, but I know my Mum paid a lot more than that for it! Thanks very much! xx

  9. Lovely prize, I have owned this JLO perfume before and it's gorgeous! I even still have the bracelet :)
    My all time perfume is Chanel Chance and according to the Perfume Fairy website the cheapest I can get is £44 from Boots which is certainly the lowest price I've seen. (Luckily I received it as birthday present :D)

  10. Ooh exciting! Well my favourite perfume is DKNY Be Delicious and apparently it can be found for £34.10 for 50mls. I am extremely impressed!

  11. heyyyyy what a fab giveaway!!
    my favourite perfume is chloe eau de parfum and the cheapest price i could get was £38.99 from the

    thanks for entering me :)_

  12. My name is Sarah Jane Armstrong and my favourite perfume is the DKNY Be Delicious Night, which I got off my boyfriend for Christmas.

    On Perfume Fairy the cheapest price is £20.95 for 30ml. What a fab deal! :)

    Thank You!

  13. What a fab giveaway chick. My favourite perfume is Chanel Chance (parfum) and the cheapest price I can get it on the Perfume Fairy is £71.49 (100ml) xxx

  14. Hey Hun! my fave perfume is britney spears fantasy and the cheapest price i can get it at is £8.50! thats AMAZING! I'd love to be entered please xxxx
    cat.west[at] xxx

  15. Hi, great giveaway :)!!
    my fave perfume is the original Juicy Couture scent, through perfume Fairy i've found the 30ml for £24!! on Cheap smells- fantastic!

    Thanks so much
    Erin xx

  16. My favourite perfume is D&G The One...I love it - it reminds me of nights out in my first year at uni. The cheapest I can get it for on Perfume Fairy is £27.47 I believe :) xx

  17. JLO Perfume = L O V E
    Thank You So Much For This Lovely Giveaway Doll , I Love Love Jlo (:
    Following Your Blog as: imyourlush

    My Favourite Perfume is Armani Acqua di Gioia , I Love this perfume because my boyfriend give it to me on my birthday and i just cant get enough of it (': the cheapest you could get it for is £29.50


    Thank You So Much For This Giveaway , x

  18. Hi hun, fab comp you've got running here....thanks! ;)
    My fave would have to be Vera Wang For Women...I absolutely adore it! The cheapest price on the Perfume Fairy website is £42.95 from Cheap Smells :D
    @sassyele on twitter

  19. this is a wonderful giveaway and the perfume sounds amazing my favourite perfume is jlo live lux it was the first perfume i ever got and i got it in new york one of the best places ive ever been to :D the cheapest price on perfume fairy is £21.85 50ml .x.x.

  20. Hi,
    Fab giveaway. I absolutely adore Jean Paul Gautier, and can get 50mls for £37 or 100mls for £47 which is a HUGE difference to what I usually pay, in boots it is £67 for 100mls. I know which website I'll be using in the future.

  21. My favourite perfume is Armani Diamond, and the cheapest price I get get it for is £26.34 plus £2.50 delivery, thanks so much x

  22. Finally got logged on :) my favourite perfume ever is Armani code and cheapest I found it was £27.50 for 30ml.

    However, I noticed that 50ml was £29.99 and thus a purchase had to be made...(damn you Louise :P)

    Kassandra (@lovesgreyboy) xx


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