Tuesday 12 April 2011

Fabs and Fail

A new title for this weeks goods and bads but the same meaning :) sorry it's a day late I wasn't in a good place yesterday :(

  • One large bad today -an upturn in my families health seems to have affected everyone but me and my mum- everyone is stable and comfortable but to be honest I've felt as though I've been falling apart. A pretty miserable couple of weeks culminated in a trip to the doctors today where they have upped some of my meds to hopefully help me return to somewhere a bit less painful and a bit more cheerful - I have to go back in a month to see how I''m doing. Inbetween that though I have a trip to the hospital to see up the knackered ankle I had to mention it to the doctor today too because the skin is sooooo tender and sore at the minute and now Mummy Lou has some nasty flu / sickness bug thing and is staying in bed :(
  • I lost another pound last week - I was so surprised because I hadn't really been trying - I am back on track today tho so hopefully I can have another loss this week :)
  • You ladies for purchasing from my blog sale I really appreciate it - I have some more stuff to add at the weekend too x
  • I recently won the lovely Jo's giveaway, a whole load of lovely Simply Wax products - with that and the Acorelle sugar/ wax I have I am going to be sorted for summer x
  • You guys again I am now at 412 followers -  huge, huge thanks x

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  1. Sorry to hear about you and your mum hun, hope you're feeling a bit better soon, well done on the weight loss! xxx


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