Wednesday 20 April 2011

Freedom :)

I'm Free Bar An Evil Scar That Is :)

Hi Guys
Well today was my hospital appointment to see my orthopaedic surgeon - I have to say I had been dreading it especially when I became convinced that I could actually feel one of the screws in my ankle!!!! The weather today was ridiculously warm and predictably orthopedic out-patients was unbelievably hot and crowded. Surprisingly enough I wasn't sent for an x-ray I just went straight to see my surgeons registrar. The big news is I can go splint free and walk and weight bear in my feet :) He says I can wear the splint for days when I will be on my feet a lot but I need to wean myself off it . The bones have healed fine, I just need to keep up the little exercises I was given to build my tendons and muscles back up. I mentioned that I could feel the screws in my ankle and I was right indeed I can, it made me feel a bit queasy to be honest, but it's perfectly normal to be able to feel the metal work!!!! There isn't a lot of flesh on your ankles so the bones/metal are quite close to the surface, and if it moves a bit you can feel it- I swear I can feel a bolt! He said I should expect to feel some discomfort, aching, swelling and so on for at least another 18 months while it beds in and everything heals inside, so I need to take it easy and not wear any silly heels for a little bit. I've had a little walk around the house in my bare feet tonight and it doesn't feel too bad but it's just going to be about building my confidence up and taking it slowly. It's certainly been an interesting 4 and a bit months for me but I've been discharged from the hospital now so my journey appears to be nearing it's end whoopppeee!! I've learnt a few lessons but the biggest one is don't go out in the snow and ice!!! I just want to think you all for the whinging and moaning my little (or not so little) foot has caused - I've really appreciated all you nice message and your support x After the hospital we popped to Sainsburys where my mum bought me a few bits - pics tomorrow x I felt a bit down this morning but this really lifted my spirits - I have a Dentist appointment tomorrow and after that we're going to the cemetery to put some flowers on my dads grave x I still miss him more than anything - Happy Birthday Daddy and Rest In Peace xx

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  1. Ah sweetheart. That's actually a very tidy scar. As for 'feeling' the metalwork, I've never heard of that before.

    Best wishes xxx


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