Monday 25 April 2011

Easter Greetings

Hey my loves instead of my normal Monday Goods and Bads post I thought I'd focus on lots of positives and happy things :)

First up Happy Easter - I hope you have all had a fabulous holiday weekend - I got so much chocolate it is untrue - the picture above shows two of my favourites the customary chocolate bunny and a Cadburys Caramel Bunny mug :) I haven't weighed myself next week because I just know that I've gained, and believe it or not I'm cool with that - it's just one of those things I'll weigh in next Sunday and deal with it then :)
I had a pretty quiet long weekend to be honest I am just getting used to walking around on my bare feet, I am ok in the house but going will probably be a different story - uneven ground and kirbs eek. I managed to have a proper bath on Friday which was my first since before my accident and it was amazing I have a whole load of Christmas Lush things to use up :)
On to my bloggy blog - well I managed to get most of the posts I wanted up last week including my giveaway (click here to check it out), and I've gained some more new followers which is so exciting - thanks guys :) Again I have quite a few posts planned this week including a couple of Royal Wedding posts which I hope you'll enjoy, a couple of reviews and hopefully towards the end if this week and into next my shopping your stash / rediscovered products post and the accompanying video :)
Apologies that I didn't get a blog sale update up yesterday but I was feeling a bit blargh never mind - I will try and list a whole load of new items on Saturday including more limited edition MAC items, Sleek and more x Huge thanks to everyone that made a purchase from me last week, everything was posted on Monday afternoon so if you haven't got it by now you should soon x
Well I am off to eat some more Easter Egg, and enjoy the remnants of the Bank Holiday, and if your in the UK don't forget we get to do it all again this weekend - lets just hope the weather holds x


  1. Happy Easter, enjoy all that chocolate and worry about the calories later xxx

  2. I love the caramel mug! The rabbit always reminds me of the ads for caramel bars when I was younger! Have fun using all your Lush goodies :) I'll check back for the Sleek items on your blog sale soon!xx


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