Wednesday 13 April 2011

A Cautionary Tale

I really hate to be so negative about a company but to be honest my goat has got.Against my better judgement on 3rd March I asked well begged Mummy LouLou to order me a few things from H&M online. No it's not against my better judgement to ask my mum to buy me things, don't be daft :) It was against my better judgement to place an order with H&M online. Since the site launched I have to say I am yet to find anyone who has had a positive experience with them , but I wasn't to be deterred I was still in a cast so I couldn't get to a store
I waited a few weeks and still no parcel despite the email invoice saying at least one of the items would be dispatched the same week - so I emailed them - I have to say I received a response pretty much straight away where I was told that my items wouldn't now be dispatched tll the end of April !!!! as they were currently both out of stock. OK can someone tell me why and how they can feasibly accept your order when the items aren't in stock - what's more galling is that when I managed to get to H&M they actually had one of the items in stock so I ended up buying it in another colour - nude (see the post / video here) surely they could just go into a store and pick it up?
Well on Saturday (9th April) my H&M parcel turned up over 5 weeks after I initially placed the order thankfully I'm pleased with what I ordered but I am certainly not happy and I certainly won't be ordering from them again if they take that long to deliver - Mummy Lou Lou paid via Debit Card which was taken on the day of the order so where was her money for 5 weeks? :( and before you ask I've asked around and my experience isn't a one off some people have waited up to 8 weeks for delivery - it really isn't good enough for a major high street store.
Anyways rant over on to what I got first up the top that I purchased in store in nude, I ordered it in a bright electric blue shade

I love this t-shirt and the little bows around the neckline are so cute :)

I also got this, now this was ordered as a dress but it's pretty obvious that it would be a pretty short one on me, so I am going to use it over leggings or jeggings as a long line vest

Again I love the cute flower detail around the neckline and shoulders :)

So there you go I am happy with my purchases but I won't be purchasing from H&M online again - I want my parcels asap and 5 weeks was just too long to wait. Any questions please ask x

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