Saturday 30 April 2011

Alva Naturkosmetik Foot Care Anti-Callous Balsam - A Review For My Pure and A Product Rave!

Unless you've been living under or rock or in case your a recent follower you might have noticed that in January I broke my ankle. Thankfully everything is just about healed now but there was a downside to the months in plaster and in an ankle brace - absolutely hideously dry skin on my right foot. The plaster and the brace helped my ankle to heal but with the constant friction and lack of air my foot turned into something even a hobbit would be ashamed of. I haven't included any pictures of the offending foot so you'll just have to believe when I say it was bad. I tried lots of creams and things on my foot but nothing seemed to do the trick, so for one my April products from My Pure I decided to go for the Alva Naturkosmetik Foot Care Anti Callous Balsam.

The product from German, certified organic company Alva contains ingredients such as Calendula, Tea Tree, Sage, Thyme and Manuka Oil which have anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. It also includes Vitamin E which helps skin to restore and soften; Other softening ingredients include Vegetable Glycerin, Vegetable Oil, Peanut Oil and Beeswax. It also includes Willow Bark Extract to help with cracked and painful skin.

The product itself comes boxed and in small 30ml brown glass jar in order to protect the essential oils and plant ingredients.

The product itself is described as a balm or balsam so I actually expected it to have a more thicker waxy texture.

 In reality it's more of a cream texture that initially feels quite dense but it does actually spread quite easily, and I found that it absorbed into my feet quite quickly, leaving them with a herbal Tea Tree type smell which was very clean and refreshing.

Alva and My Pure  make a number of big claims for this product claiming that it will smooth cracked and dry skin, and remove pressure points and callouses without the use of pumices and scrubs on not only your feet, but on your hands, elbows and on your knees. They also claim that you should see a 75% reduction in hard calloused skin within 28 days. Do I believe them - as a matter of fact yes I do!

Despite my initial fears that this little point of cream wasn't thick enough to do the trick, this stuff is officially amazing - I've used this cream at least once a day on just my right foot and the difference has been astounding. At the start of the month my foot was still splinted up and was so dry and sore it was untrue - my heel was literally peeling off the skin was so raw and scrubbed. I used this pretty much every night - I just rubbed a small amount into my heel and the balls of my feet. It took a few minutes to soak in and immediately you could feel the difference. On my last hospital appointment on 20th April my feel were in a good enough condition to wear flip flops. My heels look normal, and there is virtually no dryness or soreness anywhere on my foot, in fact I've even had to start treating my left foot to even them up ;) Although you really don't need very much my one tiny complaint is that the jar isn't that big I would prefer a slightly bigger container for the price. Never the less this product has certainly made it onto my April favourites list it has rescued my feet just in time for summer and considering the state of my foot less than 2 months ago it really is (whispers) a miracle product - love, love, love it :) Alva Naturkosmetik Foot Care Anti-Callous Balsam retails at £12.50 for 30ml from My Pure.



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