Monday 18 April 2011

Goodies and Baddies

I really need to start thinking of some more imaginative titles for these posts but it's Monday and that means Goods and Bads time :)

  •  A bit of a self inflicted bad to start with- I have the most awful tummy pains tonight - I had a little bit of my mum's yummy choc chip brioche - delicious but sooo not a good move all that wheat and gluten is doing nasty things to my tum :(
  • It would have been my dad's birthday this Wednesday - I have my appointment with the Orthopaedic surgeon on Wednesday afternoon so I don't know if I'll make it to the cemetery - it could be a double whammy horrid day - You always miss people more on birthdays and anniversaries for some reason :(
  • My nails were just getting back to normal after the cucumber chopping incident and what did I do caught my finger on my purse and ripped the tip of one of my nails clean off - it's even ripped down to the the skin yuck yuck! Thankfully I managed to do some NOTD photos before but it will be about a week before the next one - I am going to lavish it with cuticle oil for bit to help it heal and grow again :(

  • My mum thankfully is feeling a bit better now so we went to Durham to pick up her new car -  It's just an ickle Peugeot 207 but it's in a gorgeous metallic red and it's lovely and shiny :) - look only 5.7 miles on the clock :) and an 11 number plate :) She is super chuffed with it she really wanted a smaller car :)
  • We had a lovely day out once we'd collected the car we went to Tesco's, Aldi and a retail park just on the outskirts of Durham City - I have to admit I did buy a few things sorry ;) and I got a parcel through today whoops !
  • Again my amazing blog followers - my follower count has gone up again this week so thank you and thank you to everyone that bought something from my blog sale everything has been posted now and  I really appreciate it (click the blog sale tab above to see what I have left from this weeks update and don't forget more to come this Sunday again x)
  • Make Up - well more specifically project 10 pan and rediscovering old products :) Item no.8 on project 10 is so close to being finished it's untrue - It's a lipstick and I really am scraping the barrel so to speak :) Not only that but because of the whole P10P experience I am actually having a deeper delve into my make up stash and I am discovering a load of things I haven't shown enough love to - I am in the process of formulating a blog post and a video to show you my rediscoveries which I'm really enjoying doing
  • Feeling Better - It's early days on my new meds but I am feeling brighter despite a tough week x
  • Weight Loss - I lost another two pounds this week which really surprised me - this week and next will be harder - Easter and what does that mean Chocolate!!!
Well that's me summed up for now - It's going to be a busy week on LouLouLand this week I have quite a few posts planned. I have my NOTD post  from today thankfully before my snappage / rippage issues, and today's TK Maxx haulage to show you ;) I also have a product rave planned, the second of my Royal Wedding themed posts focusing on merchandise, maybe some more haulage if I make it to the Metro Centre this weeks, and at the weekend maybe a little giveaway post for you :) Thanks again for following and a big hello to all my new followers - don't be a stranger leave a comment or say Hi on twitter (link in the sidebar) x Hope you all have a good week xx

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