Saturday 9 April 2011

Flippy Skirt Delight

OK the spending diet is broken for the month - If you read my last haul post you could probably guess that this was going to happen and what was the straw the broke the camels back, a flippy skirt of course :)
I received an email about the George sale and I couldn't resist having a little peak :) I have to say I love Barbara Hulanicki, not only her original Biba designs but also her more recent collaboration with Top Shop -her first Asda collection didn't wow me as much as I thought it would but low and behold in the sale there was the Barbara Hulanicki Flippy Skirt

Down from £14 to £9 this is just a plain jersey flippy, flarey skirt - it has a roll down elasticated waist which means you can wear it as a dress as well. I really love skirts like this and I still have a Primark one from a few years ago which comes out every summer. I sized down with this because of the elastication and I'm glad I did there is a lot of give in it, but my flippy skirt and flip flop fantasy can be fulfilled, just need the weather to hold out ;)

I also got this top which was only £5 - I love these ruffle / frill style tops - this one is in black and has sort of bronze splatters on it - really nice for evening wear.
So my spending diet for the month is blown already whoops I am going to try and be super good for the rest of the month, honest :)
Never mind I can try and recoup some of it back with a blog sale update :) Check out my blog sale page from Sunday afternoon for the first in a number of updates - this one will included some limited edition MAC items, some Bare Minerals, some Revlon and much more x I'll stick a post in my main section and tweet when it's live. Any questions give me a yell x

(Pictures taken from Asda )

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