Saturday 19 February 2011

Gift From My Mummy - Sleek Primer Palette

Hey my loves I got a lovely surprise this morning, my mum had ordered me the new Sleek Primer Palette.

She for once took notice of my hints and ordered it all by herself from the Sleek website #prouddaughter , intending to keep it for my birthday but she thought I deserved a treat and gave me it this morning :)

I have to say as soon as I heard about this I wanted it - I love eye primers and cream shadows so this palette really appealed - it features 12 shades ranging from the brights to the neutrals, they seem really smooth and pigmented and probably wearble in their own right not just as shadow primers

The colour names in the palette are shall we say wrong, the green as described as peach, the blue as Ultra Violet and so on - brilliant quality control Sleek - erm not - any way swatches in the order they appear in the palette x

Pretty eh - I am so pleased with this and can't wait to try it on my eyes, I really hope it doesn't crease, for £6.99 it has the potential to be a really great must have palette - thanks Mummy LouLou xx


  1. Aww, well done to your mum, this looks fab x

  2. I saw this today and thought about buying it, but when I looked at the ingredients I saw that it contained paraffinum Liquidum, (in other words mineral oil) and I thought they may crease being quite oily so I didn't buy. I'll be interested to see how you get on with them though x

  3. Aww your lovely Mum :) I reeeally want this, your swatches are great, some of the colours look so pretty!


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