Friday 11 February 2011

Cough, Wheeze, Sniffle

Well yet again this week I have been a bit AWOL. At the beginning of the week I have a sore throat which has since developed into a full blown cold, with a dry tickly cough and pains in my face :( It seems lately as though I am skipping from one illness and disaster to another so erm yeah I'm sorry for going AWOL again. I will try and make up for it over the weekend although reviews and stuff involving my face may have to wait till I look less ghastly, posts planned include a little peek at a magazine freebie, and a review come product rave, just pray for better lighting for me to take some pics- after a little bit of sunshine the other day we are back to grey, dull, dank misery again grr

I have to say though despite my melancholy whinging, this week hasn't been all bad I have been managing to walk a little bit (less of the Bambi on ice comments Mummy ;) with my special cast shoe and my walking frame, it's a little bit surreal as you can't really feel the floor too well but at least I can get upright again and I can stand for a little bit. I am getting more confident with it everyday so hopefully I should be okay when my cast comes off in two weeks fingers crossed. Till then I am going to have a little blow into a tissue, eat some graze box (use my code 97N1BP13 for a free box ), drink plenty of fluids, and try to find a better light dance somewhere on the Internet all be it one I can do on 1 leg :) See you tomorrow xx


  1. Glad you're up and walking! Hope it continues getting easier :)

  2. Thanks my love once I get the cast off I should be back to some sort or normality fingers crossed x

  3. aw honey, I'm glad to hear you're slowly recovering, although I'm sorry for your cold...I have one too right now, so annoying!
    Get well soon, my love!

  4. Hope your cold gets beaten into submission soon; I seem to have had one for the past month so I sympathise!

    Glad you're up and about, and most amused at your mum's bambi comment :D

  5. Lou-at least you got a black shoe! I got a blue one that doesnt go with any of my other shoes and was really obvious at work!lol


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