Monday, 21 February 2011

The Return Of Goods and Bads

Hi Guys - I haven't done one of these posts for a while so I thought I'd start them up again for you :)

  • I thought I'd start with the bads and the biggest bad is obviously the offending foot/ankle/leg eek - I am walking in my cast shoe without my frame now but it's isn't half giving me gyp - as well as been beyond itchy and dry, I keep getting little stabby and naggy pains particular where the clips came out, and my legs are aching like hell grr

  •  Feeling a bit bleugh generally my cold is gone pretty much bar my nigh on continuous sore throat but I still don't feel myself, I feel down, and  unmotivated about everything and that's not me - everything even blogging seems like so much of chore for what seems like little reward. My sleeping is awful and everything
  • seems like a chore - I hate feeling like this and want the old enthusiastic LouLou back  :(
  • My godfather has shingles :( he's OK but he's in a bit of pain and he's in his 80's so it's a bit of a worry
  • Hospital on Wednesday fingers crossed I can get the cast of doom off my foot
  • Apart from my godfather my families 2011 illness/accident crisis appears to be over, whilst I was in hospital 2 other members of my family were in different hospitals at the same time, shortly followed by third - 2011 certainly didn't start that well for us hmm
  • Sticking to my Project 10 Pan and not buying anything! - need I say more I haven't been tempted by a hardly a single thing in the past few MAC collections - is my MAC obsession over? I've also not been online shopping - normally feeling bleurgh is an excuse to buy but I've been good. I am starting to realise that shopping only gives me a little boost that to be honest doesn't last - lets hope I can keep it up
  • Having said that about shopping -  I did receive a little parcel this morning the last part of my Next sale order - I placed a sale order on the 22nd December and it came today!!! To be honest I had forgotten about it but I'm keeping it, it's a lovely cozy grey winter cardi with a black belt pretty essential I am sure you'll agree especially since the snow is back :(
Well this was a big uppy and downy post wasn't it - hope it wasn't too depressing for you - oh another good - new followers - hi everyone and thanks for clicking the follow button I really appreciate it :) I'll see you later in the week with a hospital update post, a review and maybe a few randoms :) See you soon xx


  1. God poor you, you're having a rought time of it lately! Hope the foot stops paining ya and the cast comes off! And your Godfather gets better! And well done on keeping to your 10 pan!


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