Wednesday 2 February 2011

Good News For NARS Fans

The title says it all really this morning I received the March issue of the ASOS magazine and guess which brand is coming soon to the site  - NARS :) I mentioned this on twitter and causes muchos excitement :) It doesn't appear to have launched on the site yet but coming soon is good enough for me, so keep your eyes peeled x Oh and not only that but the magazine also contained a discount code for 15% off, just enter the code SPRINGVIP before midnight on Wednesday 16th February - feeling very tempted but must be strong x Enjoy x

ETA: NARS cosmetics are now live on ASOS


  1. Ahh this is exciting :) I love NARS and the ASOS free shipping so this is double good news!

  2. ooo amazing! thankyou for posting this :) i always want to buy nars but the postage puts me off! i wonder if it will be on asos before that discount runs out! xx

  3. That is really good news. Nars isnt on HQ Hair any more, I guess they decided to move over to ASOS instead.

  4. Hooray Asos discount! :D thanks for posting


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