Saturday 26 February 2011

With Thanks To Anna x

A few posts ago I mentioned that I really wanted the famous GOSH 549 Holographic Nail Polish, alas I'm not able to get to Superdrug at the moment because of you've guessed it the stupid foot,and added to that the fact that it has now been discontinued and is proving hard to find I thought my lust would go unsatisfied. Salvation however came in the form of the lovely Anna

She had bought one already and kindly offered to go back and get one for me - It doesn't look that spectacular in the bottle but despite the iffy opinions regarding the application - in all the pics I've seen it looks amazing - I can't wait to sort out a good base coat and give it ago, Thanks Anna xx


  1. WHY?? Why would they discontinue this? It's possibly my favourite polish ever! I've never had application oroblems and it's just so pretty! So glad you could get a bottle!

  2. I'm not sure love it's now half price if you can get hold of it so it definitely looks like its on its way out x

  3. Wow, you got it today? I am amazed, ,I only sent it second class yesterday at like 4! Nice one post office! I am glad you like it. Look forward to seeing a NOTD.

    Anna x

  4. Make sure you use topcoat if you want it to last more than a day! I've never had such a chip-prone polish. I read on somebody's blog that it has better staying power if you do one layer of GOSH Holographic, one layer of top coat, one layer of Holographic, one layer of topcoat etc until the desired finish. Sorry I can't give credit to whoever it was! xxx

  5. @Pink Pom Poms - wow that was quick thank you so much again x

    @EmmaGreenwood - thanks for that Emma I've been advised a few ways to try it so I'll definitely have a go at that x


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