Thursday 3 February 2011

Have A Snack and Help Comic Relief At The Same Time

Time for a post a little away from the norm for me, but I'm sure you think it's worth it.I was recently contacted by Walkers the crisp people regarding their new Comic Relief promotion. Since its foundation in 1985 Comic Relief has used the simple philosophy of making us laugh to raise over £600 million to help those disadvantaged or in poverty both in the UK and abroad. The charity's showpiece event as always is Red Nose Day - an all evening long telethon filled with comedy, parodies and usually lots of laughs - this years event will take place on Friday 18th March. As per usual their will be lots of fundraising merchandise to get your hands including a Vivienne Westwood designed t-shirt from TK Maxx, red noses of course and crisps.

Crisps I hear you cry, well this year Walkers have joined forces with  four top comedians Stephen Fry, Frank Skinner, Al Murray and Jimmy Carr to raise 1 million pounds for Comic Relief. Each comedian has created their own crisp flavour, and 5p from each special variety will go straight to Comic Relief. That isn't all though in an added Red Nose Day twist, we have Clash of the Comics, by buying special packs you are voting for your favourite flavour and therefore comedian to avoid a losers forefit on the March 18th live show -The 3 losing comedians will be undergoing a body wax from a mystery celebrity -eek

Walkers were kind enough to send my a 6 pack of each flavour to review for you - a hard task I'm sure you'll agree so I roped Mummy LouLou into help, see I'm not a not a total piggy ;)

Steak and Al Pie - Steak and Ale Pie Flavour Potato Crisps

First up Al Murry better known as the Pub Landlord and his Steak and Ale Pie Flavour. Well what can I say about these, they certainly are unusual an initial meaty/beef/marmite kick followed by a sort of beery, lager taste. I have to say they were mine and Mummy Lou's least favourites but I imagine with a pint of something cold they would go down well x

Frank's Roast Dinner - Roast Chicken Dinner Flavour Potato Crisps

West Brom supporting comedian Frank Skinner's choice of flavour is Roast Chicken Dinner, and I have to say that is exactly what they taste like. An initial hit of Chicken, and then Sage and Rosemary herb stuffing, if you like a traditonal roast or Christmas dinner then these are the ones for you

Jimmy Con Carrne - Chilli Con Carne Flavour Potato Crisps

Comedian Jimmy Carr's Chilli Con Carne flavour crisps and Mummy LouLou's favourite. A spicy little number these ones, they taste like a proper chilli with a spicy pepper, and tomato hit very nice :)

Stephen Fry Up - Full English Fry Up Flavour Potato Crisps

Stephen Fry's traditional English breakfast flavour and my favourite. Close your eyes and you seriously could be eating a full English.Crispy bacon, eggs, beans and tomato are all there in this yummy flavour.

Which one do you fancy trying? All the flavours are vegetarian friendly and are available in single bags for 43p and multipacks of 6 are £1.81 - Go on treat yourself and help a worthwhile charity and the same time x For more information check out the Comic Relief and  Red Nose Day websites (above) and the Walkers Clash of the Comics site. Any questions please ask x

(The crisps were provided by Walkers for review and promotional purposes)    


  1. I loved that you reviewed these, Lou! I imagine it was a very tough job ;) As a student I used to live on Sensations Oven Roasted Chicken and Thyme crisps - I used to joke they were a meal in a bag! x

  2. Ooh i'm intrigued by the steak and ale pie ones! Good old walkers :)

  3. @TPR - it was really hard work to be honest ;)

    @Lillian - they are certainly interesting I'll say that I am always amazed at how realistic they get the flavours

  4. @TPR - it was really hard work to be honest ;)

    @Lillian - they are certainly interesting I'll say that I am always amazed at how realistic they get the flavours


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