Wednesday 2 February 2011

A Nails Of The Day Post :)

Well I haven't posted one of these for ages but after a disastrous spell of snapping and peeling whilst I was in hospital, a few weeks on my Leighton Denny system (which I promise I will review soon for you) and I have nails again. What better way to celebrate than with one of my favourite polishes Milani 3D Holograpic in 509 HD. I know you've all seen this before but I love Milani 3D polishes and holographic polishes in general. I really want GOSH Holographic but I can't seem to find it so in the meantime I give you this x

The photos don't do it justice at all but its a really pretty glittery, holographic silver - love, love, love. Next up another nail post - a sneaky January purchase xx


  1. I got gosh holographic yesterday half price in my local superdrug. It was only £2.50! I can see if they have another one if you like?

    Anna x

  2. @Pink Pom Poms would you my love I would be soooo grateful really want to try it :)

  3. The milani ones are so much better than Gosh.It has some application issues (read:takes more than 3 coats to be opaque).And the milanis have more colours!I have the green holo one and I'm loving it!
    Happy day!


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