Thursday 24 February 2011

Curly Lashes With Boots No7 Exquisite Curl Mascara?

Like many other bloggers I was recently sent the latest mascara offering  from Boots No7. I have tried their mascaras before but normally in the mini sizes that you get with the GWP, and I have to say nothing has really wowed me so far OK but not amazing if you know what I mean whether that's down to the size I really don't know, I do have the full size Exceptional Definition mascara in my stash to try but this was my first go with a full sized No7 mascara.

As the name suggests this is a curling mascara, to be honest curled lashes don't really bother me that much I have eyelash curlers but I very rarely reach for them so I was interested to see what this mascara could offer me. Well they obviously claim that this mascara will enhance the natural curve of my eyelashes, I've always wondered how a mascara alone can do this but according to No7 it's all down to the brush

I have to say that I thought the brush on this mascara would be a lot bigger but it's just an average sized fibre brush, but the big difference is it's curved. The brush has an inbuilt curve which perfectly fits the contours of you eyes and of course your lashes.

Along with an inbuilt curl setting polymer to keep the curl in place all day Boots claim your lashes will be curled by at least 90°, giving you a wide eyed look, well I've always fancied looking a bit like Bambi so I gave it a go.

The formulation of the mascara seems quite thin, I have to say I like this I hate dry, clump mascaras this one applies easily with very little clumping, it also seems to dry pretty quickly which is another plus point in my book. So what does it look like on - pic time - apologies that some are a tad blurry :)

Before - yes I do have lashes here somewhere

1 Coat

2 Coats

4 Coats

Impressive eh! - The difference is even more pronounced though with a side view
Before - you see I do actually have lashes - they are OK nothing special a bit paler on the tips

After 4 coats you can really see the difference - curved, longer and blacker

I have to say that this mascara gets a big thumbs up from me, my lashes appear longer, thicker, and definitely more uplifted which in turn makes my eyes appear much wider. I also love the fact you can layer this mascara up even with 4 coats there is barely any clumping or bobbling, and above all the lashes don't feel clogged or heavy - no matter how much you apply the lashes still remain quite flexible and not at all hard or crispy. My one complaint with this is a tiny one - I personally had a tiny bit trouble applying this to my bottom lashes without spotting, I always have a problem using big wands on my lower lashes, although I have to say the curved nature of the brush did make it easier than some of the thick wands I've tried. so not really much of a negative was it ;) According to Mummy LouLou this mascara gave me lashes like spiders legs and to be honest that's good enough for me x  Boots No7 Exquisite Curl Mascara comes in 2 shades Black and Brown/Black and retails at £13.00

(Boots No7 Exquisite Curl Mascara Provided For Review Purposes)

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