Monday 28 February 2011

Goods and Bads :)

It's that time of the week again time for LouLou's goods and bads of the week :)

  • Just the one bad this week the foot need I say more - it seems that since the cast has came off I am pretty much back to square one, I am having to start learning to walk with my frame again let alone unaided and to make it worse the splint rubs right on my scar, and my foot keeps swelling :(

  • Despite a few ups and down and melt downs on my part my mum has been amazing as per usual. As well as lots of hugs, and home baking she bought me some lovely carnations this week (excuse the awful Blackberry pic) and this lovely silver and mother of pearl turtle necklace - it's from the South Western Silver Collection at QVC and represents Wisdom which is written on the back :) I love tiny pendants and the sentiments behind this one :)

(pic taken from QVC)
  • My families health nightmares are hopefully nearly at end, my Auntie still has a way to go after her surgery after Christmas but my Godfathers shingles is clearing up and he is feeling much better
  • Blogging and You Tube - I think I have my mojo back - after coming out of hospital I felt a bit disheartened but I am feeling brighter and more motivated and ready to tackle my coming soon list x Thank You x
  • Make Up - Don't get me wrong I never went off make up but I have well and truly got my mojo back and I'm starting to shop my stash - at the same time I am also discovering things I'm probably not going to use so expect a revised blog sale soon x
  • Nigella's Crunchie Nut bar  - I have just had Nigella's Kitchen out of the library and I have to say it's a fabulous book every page had me drooling this is one of my favourite recipes I made it at Christmas after copying the recipe down from the TV series and it's fabulous I am going to make some tonight yum yum x

I hope you've all had a good week, if not here's hoping this one is better xx

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  1. Oh God you're poor foot, that sounds horrible :( Glad to hear you've got your passion for blogging back though, and that turtle necklace is so cute!


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