Wednesday 2 February 2011

A Mini Bargain Buy

If you are super observant you may have noticed that in my January spends, there was a little Nails Inc purchase from ebay :) I had it all planned a little trip to the Metro Centre to pick up lots of Diet Coke and a few of the limited edition Nails Inc polishes, I didn't however take into account a week in hospital at the height of the promotion :( The lovely Lydia very kindly tried to get me the polish of my fantasies but despite her best efforts it proved elusive, so my only option was ebay. Some sellers were clearly trying to cash in on the promotion but I manged to get Nails Inc Denim for less than £4.00 with postage.

What a gorgeous blue - as you know I really love my blue polishes so this was a bit of a must. The only thing that confused me is that it has no Diet Coke branding on it maybe it wasn't a limited edition after all hmm...


  1. I really want this colour it looks lovely.
    Your NOTD is fab, but just a word of warning i have the GOSH holographic and its fab for 5 mins and then it goes all weird, its such a shame.

  2. The Diet Coke branding was just a sticker on the lid this year so maybe whoever sold it to you just took it off? Hmm.. I have Denim too, but I still haven't got round to trying it xx


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