Wednesday 23 February 2011

Free, Kind Of ?

Well today was my hospital appointment to check the progress of my ankle. First up out came the circular saw and off came the cast, then it was off to x-ray cue me eeking as I had to put my full weight on my bad foot, and jam it again an x-ray plate !!! Then it was back to the waiting room where my consultant was running over an hour late :( Eventually I got to see him and he was happy with my progress, it's healing well hurrah! I was then wheeled off to physio to be shown a few exercises, and then I was given a removable splint which I have to wear for the next 8 weeks before seeing my consultant again. What that does is basically provide support and protection for my ankle bones while they finish healing - slightly yack picture!

Thankfully I can take it off and I will be able to have a proper bath and a shower now! I will also be able to plaster it in moisturiser before putting my socks on :) You can probably see from the picture but my skin is beyond gross, it is soooooo dry and flaky. My scar isn't looking too bad thankfully but it still has a bit of healing to do then I can start moisturising it, I thought of trying Bio Oil but if anyone has any scar fading tips I'd love to know x All in all I am pretty pleased with how today went I've still got a little way to go yet and it's going to take some time to start walking normally again, and to build up the strength in my ankle but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel even though my shopping trip to the Metro Centre is still on hold x Thanks again for all the sweet messages on here and on twitter I really appreciate it xx


  1. It's awful how dry your skin gets with a cast on isn't it, glad to hear you're getting better though :) xxx

  2. im praying for your early healing hun.. hugs... rhain (rhaindropz)

  3. So glad that you're healing ok and the consultant is pleased! Wishing you a speedy recovery! :)


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