Tuesday 22 February 2011

NOTD and A Query

Just a little Nails of the Day post for you - I fancied something a bit different so I had a delve in my nail polish drawers and came up with this

Rimmel 60 Seconds in 610 Pompous - a gorgeous dark purple with glitter shot through it that you can hopefully see here

It applies really well, this is two coats and each coat only took about a minute to dry. Only trouble is I don't think the colour is  showing that well in my pics, what do you think? Oh and sorry for the bad paint job ;)

See all the things in this picture are purple my toe nails. my cast, and the quilt underneath yet they don't seem to show it - I get more of a blue tone

How do you get the colour purple to show correctly in pics ? I have my purple nail polish collection to do soon and I would love some advice xx


  1. Purple's notoriously hard to photograph properly, I'm not entirely sure why.

    I've never had a camera that can deal with it properly until I got the one I have now, which has a manual white balance control. Every time I photograph purple I re-set the white balance and that seems to help a lot.

  2. Beautiful colour! And it looks lovely on your poorly foot :)

  3. Gorgeous colour, it looks so vibrant and glittery. Hope your foot gets better soon x

  4. Such a nice colour. I got this for my 18th and haven't worn it yet but now I can't wait to wear it


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