Monday 29 August 2011

Welcome To Another Week and Adios To A Bad One

Hey Guys
Well it's Monday again and to be honest I am delighted to see the back of last week, seeing my mum so ill really scared me, thankfully she's feeling much better now but she has two hospital appointments to look forward to, one to get to the bottom of her ear problems and the other to see her surgeon to arrange her last knee replacement. Still I'm trying to focus on the positives it's less than 2 weeks to my mums 70th birthday, yes she was classed as an older mother when she had me and despite a bit of stick at school for having an 'old' mum I wouldn't swap her for the world x I haven't got a lot of cash for a big pressie, so I'm thinking of other ways to treat her including some home baking and some personalised home made cards, and of course the delivery of a nice bouquet of flowers.

Despite a stressful week I managed to get quite a few posts up including my long awaited posts on the Make Up Academy basic line ( click here and here to read them ) and a few nails of the day posts. This week I have a few posts planned including 2 My Pure reviews focusing on the hairier side of life, my monthly summary, and maybe a few nails of the day posts, so I hope you'll stick around, don't forget I will be doing a little giveaway when I reach the 500 followers x Oh and don't forget to check out my blog sale, I added a few things yesterday and if you want something let me know asap I will be taking down the remaining items on Saturday and adding them to my rather large donation to Give and Make Up x Oh and I will be adding a few items to ebay this week including lots of Hello Kitty dolls, and lots more brand new shoes so don't forget to check it out x

If your in the UK I hope your all having a great Bank Holiday Monday, and I hope you all have a great week where ever you are xx

(Oh and if your wondering about the photos, they are things that have made me happy this weekend my babies, homemade pesto sauce, and a little bit of home baking - more on that to come ;)


  1. awww what a lovely daughter you are.

    Your cats are all soo cute. xx

  2. I'm so sorry about your Mum, I hope she gets better very soon x

  3. Fingers crossed your mums appointments go well, glad she's a little better xx

  4. Thanks everyone I have my fingers tightly crossed that its just an infection and not anything more serious x


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