Wednesday 31 August 2011

Acrorelle Epiliation -The Not So Glamorous Side Of Beauty - 2 Reviews For My Pure

Right guys lets cut to the chase this isn't a glamorous blog post, no pretty make up here, instead it's about one of less pretty side of beauty, body and facial hair. I can feel you backing off now but please don't hear me out x
For some reason now body and facial hair is seen as a big no no, we wax it, shave it, epilate it and cream it off in order to look good. It's probably one of the least exciting parts of our beauty routine but we all do it. The trouble is the majority of hair removal methods don't last, within a week sometimes we are back where we started, not only that but with some hair removal methods our poor skin suffers big style, leaving it irritated, sensitive and often sore and with ingrown hairs.
Having previously tried and been impressed with the Acorelle Epiliation Oriental Wax, in preparation for my summer holiday I decided two try two products from Acorelle as part of my August My Pure reviews to try and deal with some of these side effects of hair removal.

Acorelle Essential Epil Hair Growth Inhibitor Skin Glorifier - Face

OK, we'll start with probably the most taboo subject, facial hair, unless your super lucky we all have a bit of facial hair on the upper lip or the chin, if you have dark hair more often than not it will be noticeable. As my mum says you can't have it in one place and not another, so brace yourself here is a pic of my upper lip without hair removal

You can just about see them, I don't have a lot of facial hair but what I have it dark and it's quite noticeable because of my skin tone. I generally use either hair removal cream or I wax it off myself (yes I know I'm brave ;) If I'm being honest I do it about once a week. It's just become part of my weekly routine now I guess, but it's a pain. Looking through the My Pure inventory I noticed a product from Acorelle, the Skin Care Glorifier and Hair Growth Inhibitor - Face.

Ideal for anyone who suffers from thick hair regrowth on the upper lip and chin, the product contains a patented extract from the Black Truffle this product claims to reduce hair density by 80% in just 56 days as well as improving the look and feel of the skin.

The product comes boxed and packaged in a small slim squeezable tube

At the end of the tube there is a small slanted nozzle, which is made of a clear textured rubber

The product dispenses easily through the tube and you can use the wand to apply it without touching it. It had a pleasant and easily absorbed cream gel texture and a pleasant floral type smell (it also contains Damascus Rose extract). You may think the tube is quite small at just 8ml but a little does go a long way.

The instructions advise that you apply the product after hair removal preferably waxing for best results. I have to be honest and say I removed facial hair 3 times during the process of this trial, once with wax and twice with cream, so obviously this may have affected my results. I have seen some results with this product some hairs are still as stubborn as ever but some of the finer hairs do seem to be coming back at a slower rate. To be fair I don't think this is a product that you can say yes or no to after less than a month so it's one that I am going to persevere with, but if you are a facial waxer it might be something that's worth a try. Acorelle Essentiel Epil Hair Growth Inhibitor and Skin Glorifier - Face retails at £19.00 for 8ml at My Pure.

Acorelle Ingrown Hair Treatment

One of the byproducts of hair removal be it waxing or shaving is ingrown hairs - If your of a strong stomach or you not sure what an ingrown hair is click this link . Yes I admit it I do occasionally get the odd ingrown hair particularly on my bikini line and my underarms and do you know what they are not pleasant and they can really hurt! I've tried a lot of preparations including lots of alcohol and aspirin based products and yes they do work but more often than not they sting :( Looking at My Pures inventory I was interested to see a product specifically for dealing with ingrown hairs so I decided to give it a go.

The Acorelle Ingrown Hair Treatment whilst containing a small proportion of naturally produced alcohol, also contains a high volume of AHA's and fruit acids. This anti bacterial product helps to gently exfoliate the skin thus preventing blocked pores and ingrown hairs.

The products itself comes a pump action spray dispenser but you can also apply it using some clean cotton wool. It has a clear liquid texture and a very gentle herbal smell. For the few I've been apply the product specifically to my underarms and my bikini line and I have to say in that period of time I have had no ingrown hairs or lumps and bumps in either area, where as in the previous month I had at least two sore spots on my underarms. I didn't have overly high expectations for the this product, but I have to say I'm pretty impressed, it seems to do the job and guess what it doesn't sting one little bit even on freshly shaved areas. I will definitely continue to use this product ahead of the market leader (Tend Skin) which stings like hell on me. Acorelle Ingrown Hair Treatment retails at £8.99 for 50ml from My Pure.

Again I'm sorry for the less than gorgeous nature of this post but beauty isn't all about the glamour ;) Any questions please let me know xx

(Both Acorelle Products Were Supplied By My Pure For Review Purposes)

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