Wednesday 17 August 2011

Shiny Hair With Clynol

I don't know if you've heard the story about the tortoise and the hare, but if you know me well you'll know that I am very much the tortoise in the tale, I take my time and do things slowly but I get there in the end -nowhere is this more evident than with this review. I was kindly sent a shampoo and conditioner from top salon brand Clynol way back at the end of April - whoops

The products I was sent came from the Look At Me Colour and Shine range, which has been designed to produce super shiny and volumised hair. The line originally just contained styling products including shine sprays, hair sprays and smoothing serums, but earlier this year they introduced the key products in any haircare range - a shampoo and a conditioner.

Clynol Look At Me Dazzle Colour & Shine Shampoo 250ml

The first thing you notice about this line is the chunky feel, hot pink packaging which gives the line a really fresh and funky image. The shampoo itself  promises to take care of coloured hair, whilst at the same time giving the hair a super shine.

The shampoo itself has a milky, slightly runny appearance, and a lovely fresh floral /fruity smell that reminds me of something but typically I can't think what it is

Containing SLS as you would imagine it foams up pretty well both on the hands and on the hair

The shampoo distributes easily throughout the hair, and rinses out pretty easily too. The hair is left pretty soft with no build up. It's hard to say on its own whether or not the shampoo makes the hair any shinier as I tend to use the next product  too so I asked Mummy Lou for her opinion, like me she has coloured hair but she isn't a fan of using hair conditioner. She really rated this shampoo she liked the light texture, and the fact it was easy to rinse out, and yes she believed that it made her grey / blonde highlighted hair much shinier and softer - result :)

Clynol Look At Me Gleam Colour and Shine Conditioner 150ml

As well as the shampoo I was also sent the matching conditioner, which again promises to protect colour whilst making the hair super shiny and healthy. The conditioner comes in a slightly shorter squat bottle also in the fabulous hot pink.

It has lovely creamy texture and the same fruity / floral type smell.

Despite the creamy texture its easy to work it through the washed, towel dried hair. I did find you had to be a bit careful with rinsing this out, a few times I didn't manage to get it all out and I experienced a bit of build up at the roots. This isn't necessarily the fault of the conditioner I'd either put too much on or quite simply my roots didn't need it. My hairdresser advised it was probably the latter, my roots are quite oily and my end are super dry, so for the last month I've just been using this conditioner on the ends of my hair, and I have to say I've noticed a difference, my ends especially are less tangles, and they look much smoother and shinier - another thumbs up from me :). Oh and I almost forgot you can also use this product, and a leave in conditioner too, I haven't tried it myself but for an intensive treatment massage well into towel dried hair and dry as normal x

All in all these two products seem to have done the trick for me in fact I can't really think of any negatives, bar the SLS as I know some people can't tolerate it. These two products have done pretty much what they promised for both me and Mummy Lou and you can't say fairer than that. Clynol Look At Me Dazzle Colour and Shine Shampoo has an RRP of £8.95 and the Clynol Look At Me Gleam Colour and Shine Conditioner
has an RRP of £9.95. I have actually spotted these products quite a bit cheaper than that in my local TK Maxx and on Hair Supermarket so if your interested definitely shop around. For more information and stockist details check out the Clynol website

(Clynol Look At Me Dazzle Colour & Shine Shampoo and Clynol Look At Me Gleam Colour & Shine Conditioner Were Provided By PR For Review Purposes)

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  1. I love Aussie Miracle Moist shampoo and conditioner for the shine factor :)


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