Monday 15 August 2011

Cough Cough Splutter

Hi Guys
I'm still feeling pretty crocked so I went to the doctors again this afternoon and he's finally given me some antibiotics boo- I don't think I've had these before and to be honest I'm dreading taking them. Yes they'll hopefully clear my cough and my chest infection, but the instructions are awful 4 tablets a day for the next week but I can't have any milk products either 2 hours before or until 2 hours after taking them - I'm not going to be able to have a cup of tea, yogurt, cereal, cheese or chocolate for over a week - there aren't enough hours in the day - I guess it will be good for my diet ;)
Anyways I'm feeling a little better now so I have a few posts ready to go up this week including surprise, surprise a nails of the day post, a shampoo and conditioner review, and maybe a little haul.
Thanks again to everyone who purchased from my blog sale - your goodies should be on their way to you shortly - there are still a few items so please check it out here
I hope you had a nice weekend I didn't but it can only get better ;) see you soon xx


  1. Such a shame to hear about the cups of tea and your poorly lungs. Hope you're better soon, chick. :(

  2. Oh awful! Hope you feel better soon. x

  3. Oh poor you I hope you feel better soon. xx

    I am very anaemic so I have to take iron tablets which you cannot take the same time as milk, eggs or tea! I drink milk a lot and I have to take them twice a day arrghh.
    Plus I have to take thyroid medication daily for the rest of my life and that cannot be taken with 2 hours of the iron! Its not fun trying to work out which times to take them lol xx


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