Friday 26 August 2011

Budget Beauty Series - Make Up Academy (MUA) Continued - Face, Cheeks and Nails

A few days ago I posted the first part of my focus on Make Up Academy's (MUA) basic line (click here to read it ) but I said there was more to come, so here it. As well as eye and lip products the MUA line also features a range of face and cheek products and of course nail polishes.

Nail Polish

One of the key products in the range that I was keen to try was the nail polishes, row upon row of pretty colours drew me in. Originally there were 18 polishes in the MUA basic line but this has since been expanded to 24 little bottles of loveliness. At only 6.5 mls a bottle you may think you aren't getting a lot but for just £1.00, these are a really good buy and are ideal for travel, holidays or for trying out colours you wouldn't normally go for. Like just about every mini polish you buy there are a few issues with the brushes but the polishes themselves are great quality for the price - I only have 3 polishes at the moment but I definitely want more, so on with the good bit, the pics :)

First up Shade 4 - a super hot coral shade, that is going to be a must in my holiday make up bag

Next up Shade 5, and the first one to catch my eye, a gorgeous minty, turquoise green

Finally a more recent purchase and another one that will be in my holiday bag, Shade 16, a lovely bright pink

Pretty aren't they are and for just a £1.00 you just can't argue x


The only proper face product in the MUA basic range to my knowledge is a pressed face powder, I believe it comes in 4 shades and unsurprisingly I went for Shade 1, the palest one. At just £1.00 for 5.7g of product I have to say I was pretty sceptical, a lot of face powder at the best of times can be floury and powdery so my hoped weren't they high I have to say.

Packaged in clear Shu Uemura esq packaging the powder feels buttery soft and smooth, and has a slight floral smell, and a quite pigmented but smooth matte finish

I've predominantly being using this powder on my t-zone and I have to say it's really surprised me, it gives a nice matte finish without looking too chalky - Shade 1 is probably a little too pale for me at this time of year but you can see the matte finish in this picture

All in all for just a pound I don't think you can really go wrong, if it isn't for you then you haven't wasted a lot of money x


It wouldn't be any sort of make up range with something to cheer up our cheeks, and once again the MUA basic line has done us proud with a bronzer in several shades and of course several blushers. I own 3 of the blushers, which are in rectangular pans, and in similar black and clear packaging to the eyeshadows. Like the face powder they also have a distinctive floral aroma.

First up Shade 1 - Apologies in advance for the appearance of this one but I took it on holiday with me last year and it didn't quite survive the baggage handlers. This is quite a scary hot pink in the pan, and I have to say it is super pigmented, just a tiny little swipe of the blush and you have more than enough for your whole face and more, but it blends down to a lovely flush of pink.

I've actually worn this one a lot it gives such a pretty glow to the skin especially when you have a tan, if it's too bright for you though you could always go for Shade 2

Whilst being as pigmented as Shade 2 this one is a bit softer in tone, a nice pretty pale pink which isn't quite as vibrant as Shade 1

If pure pinks aren't your bag how about trying Shade 3

This one is a lot rosier in tone and has maybe more coral and red undertones, this is a really good blush when you can't make up your mind what your going to wear
Again I don't think you can argue with the quality of these blushers, for just £1.00 they are super soft and pigmented, they are a bit powdery but I can live with that x

So in summing up what can I say about the Make Up Academy (MUA) Basic £1.00 line well in it simplest terms buy some! For just £1.00 a lot of these items perform a 100% better than what you expect. My highlights are the powder products and the nail polishes - the shadows and blushers are super soft and pigmented, and the nail polishes are first class for the price. Yes there maybe quirks and issues with certain products but isn't that always the case even with items 10 times the price. MUA as a brand seem to have the consumer at it's heart and have provided the customer with a line that is affordable and above all that works. Not willing to rest on their laurels the line is continuing to expand with new eyeshadows and nail polishes just hitting the shelves, and the release of the MUA Professional line, and upcoming capsule lines and their own website, this is a brand to watch. Don't forget to keep checking back to see more on the MUA Professional line also in my Budget Beauty Series, but in the meantime if you want to treat yourself to some make up without making a huge dent in your purse, you could do a lot worse than buy some products from the MUA basic line -cheap thrills with no spills x If you have any questions or comments please let me know, and I'd love to know if you have any MUA nail polish recommendations x


  1. I usually cant stand coral but you so rocked that shade. So beautiful. I know it's onluy £1, but i have enough pink polishes in my collection but i am very tempted to get this pretty shade of pink.
    I love living through your shopping adventures. This is my 'northern' version of buy now, blog later haha xx

  2. LOL I'm flattered ;) its a really pretty pink actually for a £1 there really is no debate lol

  3. LOL I'm flattered ;) its a really pretty pink actually for a £1 there really is no debate lol

  4. I love that green and the pink nail polishes they are stunning colours xx

  5. Love the Nail Polish shades, so pretty :).

    Sadie xx


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