Monday 8 August 2011

One Step Forward Two Steps Back

Hi Guys
Well it hasn't been a great few days has it - riots in London, torrential rain, and to make it worse on Saturday night I developed the worst sore throat ever, it's gotten worse and worse - summer colds suck -just when I start feeling better in one way I go downhill in another boo
Anyways enough of the misery I'm focusing on the happy things my blog :) I spent yesterday curled up under my quilt taking photos for my blog - This week I have a shampoo and conditioner review for you, a nails of the day post, and yes the first MUA posts in My Budget Beauty Series, I promise it will be up this week, I've just been waiting for the lovely people at MUA to respond to a few queries I had :)
Looking a bit further forward I have two exciting new series of posts planned including showing you my entire MAC collection and an exciting nail polish series which I'll tell you more about tomorrow.
It's taken a while but the blogging mojo is back with a vengeance, and I'm excited for it, some people imply my reviews are too thorough and I ramble too much but that's the way it is, thanks for being their again and a big hi to my new followers :) I think I'm going to head back to bed now with a cuppa and a few paracetamol zzzz

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