Monday 1 August 2011

Time Passes By - Well It Will Have By The Time You Read This!

Well here we are - August - Time seems to fly so much when you get older but like it or not the countdown to the cold and wintery weather has started, July was as odd month in many ways as I said last week I've felt a bit down about things and not overly motivated to do anything let alone blog.
I try not to talk to much about my illness and the depression it causes but in July I pretty much reached the end of my tether, it's not the first time I've let things get on of top me but it's something I need to ride it out, no magic wands and no miracles unfortunately. Towards the end of the month though I started to regain some sort of mental normality due to a bit of venting, mind clearing, de cluttering and positive thinking. So I'm mentally back with a renewed focus on my bloggy blog. Posting this month has been erratic and I'm sorry but I promise August will be better. I have so many posts planned for this month including a mountain of reviews including my usuals for My Pure, some Clynol shampoo and conditioner, a couple of eye products, some Jessica nail care and an all natural facial exfoliator. I will also be continuing with my changing you nail polish series this time focusing on nail stickers and August will also see a few posts in my Budget Beauty Series, including my long promised focus on MUA and MUA Professional which I am super excited about.
So that's what's coming in August but what about July ? well as you can expect from my fairly negative mood I did what a girl does when she's sad and I shopped

V05 Miracle Drops, Make Up, and Magazine - Superdrug - £22.46
Boots No17 x 2 Eyeshadows -£7.78
CVS Pharmacy Essential Glow Daily Moisturiser - Factory Bargain Store - £1
MAC, Primark and More - Whoops!!
Total - £31.24 ++++++

Yup I stopped counting hmm I'm not proud of that, shopping doesn't cheer you up at least not in the long term, you get a quick high and then reality bites, don't get me wrong I'm happy with everything I bought, but shopping like chocolate is only a temporary fix. Well there is no doubt I will have to do better in August, I'm going to be ebaying like a demon (listings in the sidebar including new things, MiuMiu and Marc Jacobs !!), and trying to save every last penny, why? well Mummy Lou has a big birthday in September and we're going on holiday :)

No, we didn't have any plans to go away in fact it was pretty much decided that we were going to have a staycation, but the ridiculously useless summer weather up north changed Mummy Lou's mind, she doesn't want a party for her birthday or anything so she decided to have a holiday instead. No guesses as to where we're going, Cyprus of course :) we love the island so much and the temperatures even more, so I will be desserting you on the last week of September, first week in October, and do you know what I can't wait, not to leave you of course but my achey body needs some warm sunshine.

So instead of buying new products I'm going to be trying to make the best of what I've got, and believe me I still have loads to use up

Alpha H Liquid Gold 100ml
Herbalife Body Buffing Scrub 200ml
Elemis Skin Nourishing Milk Bath 400ml
Elemis Tri-Enzyme Resurfacing Gel Mask 50ml
Alpha H Balancing Cleanser 50ml
Burts Bees Therapeutic Bath Crystals 44g
Australian Bodycare Body Wash 200ml
Boots Botanics Soothing Eye Make Up Remover 150ml
Total - 8 Items

Yes I finished just 8 items which wasn't too impressive I have to say, I did flit around this month and open a few new things which never helps, but I'm nearly finished two items so hopefully I'll do better in August :)
So that's where we're at, feeling happier but struggling to keep my spending and my diet in check. (although I did lose 3 pounds last week yeah) How was your July and what plans and goals do you have for August? If you made this far you've done well thanks for reading and thanks for being there to listen xx


  1. Ah well done on using things up and the spending diet! I have never visited cyprus, although I'd like to. :) x

  2. Well done on the weight loss, that's great! I'm glad you're feeling better about things now and I hope you have a lovely holiday - not jealous at all...



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