Friday 19 August 2011

Collective Hauling :)

Hey my loves time for a haul post that I did pay for myself. As well as the Stacey maxi dress I have bought a few bits myself over the last few weeks whilst at the same time trying to be strong and stick to my limit. The throat come chest infection has meant a period of being stuck in the house so unsurprisingly some of the purchases have been online.
First up a nail polish and a beautiful one at that, I typed holographic nail polish into the search field on eBay and up came this beauty, Color Club 859 Fashion Addict

You can't really see the holo or the glitter too much but it looked amazing in the sellers pics on the nails and I can't wait to try it on mine :)

Another ebay purchase in the last few weeks was this - not one of the most interesting  purchases I've ever mind but something that is a bit of an essential if your going on holiday- after sun!

My mum has taken care of the SPF so I thought I'd treat us to a new after sun, this one the Ultrasun After Sun really applied because not only is it an after sun it's also a tan accelerator, better still I got it for well below retail on ebay :)

It's generally accepted that blogs are great enablers, we read a post and find ourselves adding a load of items to our wishlist, well that happened again last week, when the lovely Fee from Make Up Savvy did a post on discontinued products. She had managed to purchased something I wanted quite a while ago - the NYC Chroma Face Glow in Moonstone

I wanted this for the longest time, like the famous NYC Blush Sticks it was never released in the UK and the ebay prices at the time of release were just ridiculous, but I checked on Amazon and found that the Amazon store is the same as a discount cosmetics website I had used before The Cosmetics House. Admittedly they are also in Co Durham but I got my parcel in less than 18 hours - impressive. These remind me a lot of MAC MSF's, it looks a bit like a paler Petticoat in the pan, but its a lot paler and a gorgeous sheeny pink -gorgeous

Finally today I managed a little look out, my mum wanted to go to Lidl so we popped to Consett, and you know that that means Superdrug! I originally went to get some more MUA things for the post I'm finalising but to be honest the MUA stand looked like a bomb had it hit it, nothing left and what was left had been opened, so I had a look at the 2True stand instead, to say it was better would be a major over statement, not one eyeshadow on the entire stand hadn't be opened or wasn't broken, horrendous! Thankfully the rest of the items looked OK, so I picked up 3 items for just £4.99 to go towards my Budget Beauty Series. First up a mascara the Instant Waterproof Mascara in 1 Black

Having previously tried and really liked a 2True mascara before I thought it would be good to try out another one for my post on 2True, I have to say I didn't really need another mascara especially since I received the Daniel Sandler Jumbo Jet Mascara in this months GlossyBox :) but mascara really seems to be one of my weaknesses

I also picked up one the Crystal Lipglosses in 1 - a lovely shimmery pink, I mean I really needed another lipgloss didn't I ;)

and I also picked up one of the Fast Dry Colour Quick Nail Polishes in Shade 2

I have already tried the other nail polishes that 2True do but I hadn't tried these ones, and I have to say I love the pale blue colour, and yes that it is another nail polish that you can see, one of the new Maybelline MNY polishes - I can't find a shade name but I think it's number 659, a gorgeous blue, but what's with all these companies giving their products numbers rather than names, it doesn't half make a bloggers life harder.

Finally from Superdrug I got these cute purple metal, rose earrings, for just 99p, I couldn't get a pic on the card so you've got an ear shot x 

Finally I popped into Boyes and bought a few things including some undies, no I'm not going to show you those, what sort of blog do you think this is lol but I did buy the L'Oreal Elvive Re-Nutrition Nourishing Cream Shampoo, I'm running low on my Clynol and shock of horrors I can't find any shampoo in the bathroom cupboard - this is really unusual for us my mum thinks she has some Ojon shampoo "somewhere" so I thought I'd buy a cheaper shampoo just in case. I have to say I actually really like the L'Oreal Elvive range especially the ones with Royal Jelly in they smell nice and they are really moisturising.
So there you go a few successful purchases and I've just sneaked over my monthly limit still I'm happy to be just about back on my feet now the antibiotics are a total pain but at least I'm starting to feel better x Thanks for all the sweet messages you guys are the best xx


  1. oh yay, you got this fancy mny polish and the 2 true blue. you so need to swatch them now and compare the 2, please, pretty please xx

  2. If you like holographic polishes Nubar's Reclaim is amazing, as are all the varnishes in the Nubar prism collection. Just discovered them, & they're so pretty (check google images!). Got mine from beautybay when they had 20% off, but pretty sure they're the cheapest supplier even without the discount.

  3. @liloo I'll try and do a notd with the maybelline one asap - it is much darker than the 2true one irl

    @TheBrunette - thanks lovely blue is one of my favourite polish colours

    @Charlotte - thanks my love I actually have a few Nubar ones I'll have to dig them out xx

  4. Glad you're feeling better!
    Those earrings are the cutest :)



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