Wednesday 10 August 2011

Ebay and Blog Sale Latest

Just a quick post to remind you that I have a few ebays finishing today and tomorrow, including some ASOS and Top Shop clothes, Miu Miu and Lulu Guinness shoes and loads of other fashion and accessory bits - check out my listings here for a few bargains
Ebay is being a bit of an arse at the moment, and they've placed a limit on my account, apparently I'm selling too many named  items hmm, basically its letting me list some items but not others, so this is where you lovely people come in. If ebay isn't going to let me list certains items and brands then I'm going to sell them on my bloggy blog instead so you can expect my blog sale page to be updated over the weeked, with a few clothing bits and some shoesies. I've also sorted out a few more make up bits to add to my blog sale too, all as part of operation summer holiday :)  I'll let you know when the blog sale page is updated but in the meantime I'd really appreciate it if you'd have a peek at my ebay listings xx


  1. I hate Ebay with a passion. It is becoming harder and harder, to make money using it. What with ebay fees, and then paypal fees on top. You are left thinking , is it really worth it, when you see the amount you are left with, after all the fee's.
    Ebay own paypal. So no wonder they use it.

  2. Aw, wish I had the spare cash to buy things, ahhaha!

    x Michelle |

  3. i agree totally summer sunshine :)

  4. I will have a look. I often sell on ebay but don't tend to buy much on there x


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